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We are not aligned with the pro-Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) or climate change scientific or political community. Nor are we aligned with the scientific or political communities supporting a lack of AGW or man caused climate change (climate deniers). We have endeavored to present scientific views which are not easy for the average person to see because they are not promulgated by the media. We provide a balance between Proof of AGW and Disproof of AGW through peer reviewed and published scientific papers in our Great Climate Debate section and we demonstrate through an authoritative article by Dr. Roy Spencer that the common phrase “97% of scientists believe in climate change and the IPCC findings” is a false claim. We also provide a “Climate Change Tutorial” entitled “Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) The Science, Climate History, and Politics”, which is meant to teach non-scientists the basic scientific concepts surrounding “climate change” and related political and corporate interests. We have also provided linkage to the possibility that AGW has been manipulated by International intergovernmental organizations for geo political reasons as well as corporate and philanthropic institutions. The unintended consequences of the UN - IPCC and the UN’s Agenda 21 and related Sustainability Movement have, in our judgment, spawned the Green Energy corruption and taxation scheme.

Considerable amounts of money, in excess of 100 billion USD have been spent over the last decade researching and re-researching climate change, cause and effect as well as mitigation steps. Is this the best use of our money? Absolutely not. The strong and robust debate in the scientific community concerning the cause and effect relationship of climate change and man is inconclusive at best, and politically driven by a divergent set of rogue players at worst.

In our view the preferred use of the enormous amounts of money being dissipated in climate change abatement is in the direct and immediate investment in science and technology that will simply replace fossil fuels and ultimately nuclear fission over the next few decades. Fossil fuels are a finite resource. Today they are an absolute requirement given their exceedingly high energy flux density or specific energy. The fact that fossil fuels are finite, and that their cost to extract significantly increases as traditional reserves are depleted, further underscores the need to use the monies now spent on climate study and potential mitigation, on developing fusion instead. Developing fusion is a multi-decade proposition from laboratory demonstration, to grid level prototype generation stations and subsequent commercialization and infrastructure replacement.

Under these conditions, climate change caused by man is a moot point and removed from serious discussion. With fusion energy, mankind will then have the benefit of unlimited, inexpensive energy, potable water, and plentiful food for eternity. The only realistic solution is fusion energy given the negatives associated with nuclear fission; i.e. radioactive waste management, safety concerns, and fissile fuel black market profiteering and arms trading.

Climate Change Debate: Coming Soon to a School Near You

Allie Bidwell, US News A firefighter puts down hot spots on May 14 in San Marcos, Calif., after record heat helped fuel wildfires and caused mass evacuations in the greater San Diego area. Political debates surrounding climate change and creationism are now making their way into America’s schools, as more states are deciding whether to adopt or reject new common ... Read More »

Obama Wants Kids to Learn About Global Warming

Allie Bidwell, USA News The administration wants students and teachers to toe the line on climate change. A new White House initiative aims to give educators more resources for teaching about climate change. Perhaps unable to convince older Americans of the severity of global warming, President Barack Obama is hoping to have better luck with the next generation by turning ... Read More »

Obama’s climate change envoy: fossil fuels will have to stay in the ground

Todd Stern claims the world will have to forgo developing reserves of oil, coal and gas in order to solve global warming By Suzanne Goldenberg, the Guardian 25 Nov 2014 The world’s fossil fuels will “obviously” have to stay in the ground in order to solve global warming, Barack Obama’s climate change envoy said on Monday. In the clearest sign ... Read More »

CO2 Science Site

web site This is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in the debate on climate change as caused by man and specifically carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and claims of carbonic acid in the ocean (with pH nominal of 8.17.) Check out their Mission Statement and check out their position paper. Pass this on to your friends ... Read More »

Obama, in latest climate move, to pledge $3 billion for global fund

Reuters BY TIMOTHY GARDNER AND ROS KRASNY WASHINGTON Fri Nov 14, 2014 11:56am EST U.S. President Barack Obama delivers an address to the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative in Yangon November 14, 2014. CREDIT: REUTERS/DAMIR SAGOLJ (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will announce a $3 billion U.S. contribution to an international fund to help poor countries cope with the effects ... Read More »

‘Global Warming Scare’ declared ‘Over’

by Bob Unruh 10/12/2014 Scientists and others on a team assembled by the Chicago-based Heartland Institute, which focuses on free-market solutions to today’s problems, say the “scare” of global warming from the use of carbon fuels and other human activities “is over.” It’s “past time” for the world to realize that and “stop the madness of wasting great sums of ... Read More »

The Myth Of Ocean Acidification By Carbon Dioxide

Arizona Daily Independent BY: JONATHAN DUHAMEL JANUARY 28, 2014 We often read in the media that increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is making the oceans too acidic, and dissolving or otherwise harming carbonate-shelled marine fauna. These writers or reporters seem ignorant of the fact that these marine fauna evolved when the atmospheric CO2 concentration was more than 10 times ... Read More »

The Alarming Cost Of Climate Change Hysteria

Forbes | by Larry Bell | 8/23/2011 The U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) can’t figure out what benefits taxpayers are getting from the many billions of dollars spent each year on policies that are purportedly aimed at addressing climate change. A May 20 report noted that while annual federal funding for such activities has been increasing substantially, there is a ... Read More »