Determined to Bring a Future of Hope

Tom Tamarkin NIFTom Tamarkin is not really about fusion.  He is not about his many smart meter patents, although these will help consumers, along with deterring governments from controlling our energy and lives. To this end he is building a company dedicated to bringing energy and science information as well as a means to control energy use into huge numbers of homes in America.  This will be leveraged in time to a consortium of major industry players and users to accomplish Fusion before it is too late.

Tom’s passion, perhaps obsession, is helping to bring about a future that we will all want to live in; fusion is simply the only way he sees that future as a possibility.  To this end, the question becomes, “What do we do once one we have fusion?”  How do we quickly make unlimited energy become unlimited dreams?

There is one place on Earth where such a transforming task has been accomplished in a short time; Israel.  In sixty short years, Israel changed their homeland from a place of desolation to an oasis of technological advancement and agricultural productivity.   They have the knowledge experience and passion to take the gift of fusion and transform the world.

Israel’s Ariel University will be a major resource as we work out exactly how to bring unlimited dreams to the world.  Tom has close ties to one of Ariel’s founders and five term mayor, Ron Nachman.   Tom visited his friend, Mayor Nachum, shortly before he passed away from cancer in 2013.   There were promises given and Tom will work with determination to keep those promises.

How USCL EnergyCite® plans to bring fusion to the world |  Part 2 |


A Proclamation to the World by the American & Israeli People

  • Tom Tamarkin is the principal inventor of a system covered by three U.S. patents and 3 foreign granted patents which couple a utility company’s remote computer with a subscriber’s power meter and devices inside the subscriber’s premise like “smart appliances” displays, controls, thermostats, etc.  These patents are assigned to USCL/EnergyCite®
  • This is a system patent known as a distributed network system because it consists of a local area network (subscriber’s premise) a wide area network (coupling the power meter to the utility company or third party sub-contractor) and the power meter plus the collection of end point devices like appliances, thermostats, smart phones, and the like.
  • This series of patents must be practiced by utilities and consumers when the smart appliance or thermostat is connected into the system. Today close to 50 million “smart meters” have been deployed throughout the country.  This is accomplished through licensing agreements.
  • By 2016 virtually every power meter in the country will be replaced with the new modern digital electronic “smart meters.”
  • These new meters monitor and send large amounts of data to the utility company or third party sub-contractor.
  • This data can be used to “monitor” activities in a house; to profile the subscriber’s activities; and can be used to determine the type of electrical devices being used by the subscribers; i.e., banned incandescent light bulbs and unapproved “stupid appliances” in the future.
  • Further this system of networks and smart meters can be used to remotely control devices inside the subscriber’s premise and can be used to disconnect power entirely by the utility, their sub-contractor, or government authority under potential future circumstances.
  • Most of these new “smart meters” have “over the air programmable” operating system which means they can be reprogramed by the utility at the request of a subscriber or order of a regulator.  A data fire wall can be installed which could limit the amount of data the meter is allowed to send to the utility or its sub-contractor to the absolute minimum amount of data needed to conduct billing and to provide feedback of how much data is being sent and when it is being sent to the remote location to the subscriber.  This can be called a data firewall and an in-home power anti-virus protection system.
  • Our company, EnergyCite® has a device which can be provided to the consumer at a very low cost to provide the consumer the real time data for display, archival and control purposes that the Department of Energy wants the utility to provide to all customers under its “Green Button Program,” but our product does the data analysis and math at the subscriber’s premise, not at a remote location and send the data regurgitated to the subscriber 24 hours later.
  • Our plan is to make this issue known all over the country by using both social media and traditional media.  The objective is to obtain customer buy in and support.
  • The overwhelming concern is that increased federal regulation and the aging installed base of electrical generation capacity  will cause an incrementally accelerating shortage of electricity and an increase of price leading to governmental intervention via electricity rationing by time and/or peak power delivered.
  • An additional concern is this system infrastructure will be used as a compliance and enforcement system intruding on subscriber’s privacy.
  • Our focus will be on educating people about science and energy related facts.
  • Revenue from the sale and licensing of our products will be invested in the fusion advocacy and a consortium for fusion development.
  • We will take on the organization of an industry consortium to actually manage fusion development.
  • Part of our plan involves taking our current 2050 Projected Worldwide Energy Supply and Demand study and commissioning a group of grad students to refine it in Israel at two universities.  This will give very authoritative facts and data on just what a scheme “Big Green” is.
  • This data will be incorporated into Dr. Shalom and Yaffa Eliezer’s book we have engaged them to write to properly frame the need to solve energy and the way to do it through fusion.  (Due to politics and “Arab oil money” this has been hard to get done in America.) Follow this link to see Tamarkin Eliezer video interviews
  • We have also engaged Dr. Gerald Schroeder in Jerusalem to write a new book on the moral imperatives to correctly solve energy and the reason fusion is the only solution. Follow this link to see Tamarkin Schroeder video interviews
  • The information resulting from the Eliezer book and the Schroeder books will be great source material for children’s games.
  • The EnergyCite® product also has several screens showing fossil fuel reserves, real time consumption and different nation’s use of energy in real time.  This creates more awareness of the fossil fuel depletion situation and the need to go beyond oil for the sake of family’s children and grandchildren.
  • We need to get thousands of people…tens of thousands…to say “I want my utility data kept private.”
  • We need to get thousands of people…tens of thousands…to say “I want my home area network unit inside my smart meter turned on by my utility company.
  • We will use crowd sourcing to get the above done and to fund the project to the point we get it into positive cash flow.
  • Once we get the American people on board we can move this agenda quickly and just like Walter Cronkite brought the space race and the Apollo shots into homes throughout America, we will do the same for energy because part of our product (and patent claims) include media delivery.  We become the cable TV channel with 24 hour a day science and energy content.  That is paid for through fees and sponsors.

Mayor Nacham and Tom Tamarkin with friends

Tom Tamarkin, Shmuel Toledano, Alan Brodovsky, Rabbi Reuven Taff, Kent Slaton, Bill Slaton, President of Sacramento Municipal Utility District Board, Mayor Ron Nachman, Ariel, Israel, December 2007, Sacramento, California