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US utility trials LoRa enabled electric meters 21 June 2017 In the US, Northeast Nebraska Public Power District partnered with Vision Metering to deploy a smart meter pilot project. According to a statement issued by Vision Metering, Northeast Nebraska Public Power District is the first utility to deploy the company’s electric meters equipped with the LoRa IoT communications technology. Northeast Nebraska Public Power District provides utility ... Read More »

2.7m data science and analytics jobs to be created by 2020 – report 19 June 2017 A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report forecasts that 2.7 million data science and analytics jobs will be created by 2020. PwC states that data-driven organisations are eager to gain operational insights that support strategic decision, adding that data science “is one of the fastest-growing interdisciplinary fields of work globally.” In a release, stated, “governments and organisations ... Read More »

Clay Electric Co-op selects OMNETRIC for MDM system integration 14 June 2017 OMNETRIC Group has been contracted by Clay Electric Cooperative, one of the largest cooperatives in the United States, to implement a meter data management system. The meter data management system, which is based on Siemens EnergyIP and is currently being deployed as part of the co-op’s AMI rollout, is expected to enable Clay Electric improve its ... Read More »

Small modular reactors: fast-tracking fission

ICE 29 May, 2017 Small modular nuclear reactors offer a fast way to get fission power into the energy mix. John Earp introduces a new themed issue of the ICE Energy journal on the latest developments. Rolls Royce’s proposed SMR power stations would be a tenth the size of conventional nuclear sites. The Institution of Civil Engineers has just published ... Read More »

SGCC survey provides insight to customer engagement behaviours 2 June 2017 The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) has released an update to its flagship “Consumer Pulse” survey. The SGCC survey revealed insights on what smart grid benefits are the most important to consumers; how willing consumers are to pay for benefits associated with the smart grid; what utility programs are garnering the most consumer interest; and what ... Read More »

Duke Energy secures regulatory approval to deploy AMI and AMR meters 1 June 2017 US energy provider Duke Energy Kentucky received approval from the Kentucky Public Service Commission to deploy its smart meter project. In a press statement, Duke Energy Kentucky said the approval of its smart meters project will enable the installation of 143,000 advanced (AMI) electric meters and 103,000 automated meter reading (AMR) gas meters. Duke Energy Kentucky, ... Read More »

Arkansas utility to modernise distribution networks with AMI tech 24 May 2017 In the US state of Arkansas, Conway Corporation plans to implement an advanced metering infrastructure to improve its water and electricity services. In a press statement, the utility company said it will install advanced electric meters, smart water meters as well as a two-way mesh radio network and communication modules to provide connectivity to the new ... Read More »

US utility plans rollout of 230,000 AMI units 18 May 2017 In the US, Orange and Rockland Utilities will begin installing smart electric meters for all of its customers in Orange and Sullivan Counties from 2018. According to a local publication, the energy company will start the installation of some 230, 000 smart electric meters to help its customers track their energy usage in real-time. In addition, ... Read More »

Tennessee utility deploys 500,000 Sensus smart meters 17 May 2017 In the US, Dickson Electric Systems said it deployed some 500,000 electric meters provided by Sensus under efforts to improve its billing accuracy. In a press statement, Darrell Gillespie, general manager at Dickson Electric System, said: “Stratus meters are essential to our metering strategy. The meters enable Dickson Electric System to send to its customers monthly ... Read More »

PNM signs contract for rollout of 15MW DR programme 15 MAY 2017 In the US, the Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) selected Enbala Power Networks for the management of its 2018 demand response programme. In a statement, PNM said the distributed energy resource technology firm agreed to administer the utility’s Peak Saver demand response initiative in 2018 once the programme is approved by the New Mexico ... Read More »

Con Edison selects ICF for rollout of residential energy efficiency projects 2 May 2017 US utility Con Edison selected consulting firm ICF for the planning and management of its energy efficiency programmes for residential customers. In a statement, Con Edison said it signed a $13.6 million contract for ICF to design and market the utility’s energy efficiency programmes for residential consumers for the next three years. The consulting firm will ... Read More »

US utility co-op selects Silver Spring for grid connectivity 11 May 2017 The Golden Valley Electric Association will use Silver Spring Networks’ communications technology to provide connectivity for smart meters and other grid devices. In a combined statement, the solutions provider said it is providing the utility with its IPv6 communications technology for connectivity of the utility’s advanced metering infrastructure in Alaska. Silver Spring Networks will start deploying ... Read More »

Smart water meters hold lion share of US municipal water investment 8 MAY 2017 The municipal water sector in the US is forecast to spend over $20 billion in software, data, and analytics solutions over the next decade. According to its findings, Bluefield Research states that more than 40 companies are positioning to deploy state-of-the-art solutions to enable more advanced levels of system intelligence, real-time network visibility, energy efficiency and ... Read More »

The Public Service Company of New Mexico plans for coal-free future 4 MAY 2017 PNM conducted a routine assessment of future power supply scenarios, through which it found that “the best version of its future self…was entirely coal-free.” Julie McNamara writes in blog post for the Union of Concerned Scientists, “PNM’s vision of the future leaves viable renewable resources and energy efficiency opportunities on the table, and leans too heavily ... Read More »

Washington utility holding company announces 2025 sustainability targets 5 MAY 2017 WGL, parent company of Washington Gas Light Company announced its sustainability targets for 2025 as well as new clean energy initiatives. According to a release, WGL plans to achieve carbon neutral fleet and facilities operations, reduce emission intensity of its natural gas distribution system by 38% (against a 2008 baseline), and enable customers to avoid 18 ... Read More »

US utility co-op automates management of energy efficiency portfolio 4 MAY 2017 Missouri River Energy Services selected cloud-based demand side management solutions firm energyOrbit to help its members manage their energy efficiency projects. In a press statement, Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) said it selected energyOrbit’s demand side management platform to automate recording and management of energy efficiency projects being deployed by the agency’s 60 member municipal utilities ... Read More »

Monetizing opportunities for smart meter data 2 MAY 2017 According to business transformation company EXL, connected home, work and digital cities will create a $731.7 billion market opportunity for utilities by 2020. In its latest whitepaper ‘Monetising Opportunities for Smart meter data’ the research firm analysis financial benefits resulting from the use of smart meters. Through the use of smart meter data, utility companies have ... Read More »

Entergy Arkansas launches new DR programme with Comverge 27 APRIL 2017 US utility Entergy Arkansas selected cloud-based energy management solutions provider Comverge for the rollout of a demand response pilot programme. Called the ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD), the demand response programme enables customers of Entergy Arkansas to purchase Wi-fi contolled smart thermostats to reduce energy usage during peak demand periods. Dave Neal, CEO of Comverge said: ... Read More »

Alabama to deploy smart neighbourhood pilot programme 26 APRIL 2017 Alabama Power announced its plans to deploy a smart grid pilot under efforts to be able to offer customised solutions to improve energy efficiency in their homes. The US utility is collaborating with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to deploy the smart grid pilot ‘Smart Neighbourhood’ to its consumers residing in the Hoover community of Signature ... Read More »

Energy department announces participants of 2017 SBV pilot 26 APRIL 2017 The US Department of Energy (DoE) announced the participants in the first round of its Small Business Vouchers (SBV) pilot programme. Under the SBV programme, the energy department provides national laboratories with funding to collaborate with small businesses in researching and developing innovative energy technologies. The pilot aims to help small businesses to overcome challenges in ... Read More »

PG&E updates online marketplace for energy efficient household appliances 21 APRIL 2017 PG&E updates online marketplace for energy efficient household appliances US utility Pacific Gas and Electric has announced the launch of the updated PG&E Marketplace with a new user interface and design. According to a release, PG&E Marketplace is an easy and user-friendly website for customers to find energy-saving appliances and consumer electronics. PG&E Marketplace allows customers ... Read More »

Global energy efficiency spending to reach $56bn by 2026 10 MARCH 2017 A new report by Navigant Research forecasts government and utility spending on energy efficiency programmes to reach $56 billion by 2026 globally. Government and utility spending on energy efficiency initiatives are expected to increase globally under efforts to reduce energy consumption levels and costs to help utility firms to improve the reliability of their grid networks ... Read More »

FirstEnergy launches campaign on energy efficiency 20 APRIL 2017 US utility holding firm FirstEnergy launched a multimedia campaign to brand itself as a company focused on helping its consumers improve their energy efficiency. Under the campaign, FirstEnergy will create radio, television and billboard adverts highlighting services and programmes underway to help its customers reduce their energy usage and costs. In a press statement, FirstEnergy said ... Read More »

Texas-New Mexico Power AMI migrates to Itron Total Outcomes 12 APRIL 2017 Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) will migrate its entire AMI system, including meter data management and data collection, as well as analytics to be managed by Itron. According to a release, the move will allow TNMP to keep its resources focused on core business operations. TNMP is an electricity transmission and distribution service provider to about 245,000 ... Read More »

PNM selects Comverge for rollout of DR initiative 11 APRIL 2017 The Public Service of New Mexico (PNM) selected cloud-based energy conservation solutions provider Comverge for the rollout of a demand response programme. In a combined statement, Comverge said it was selected to manage the utility’s demand response project with targets to save 60MW during peak periods over a period of five years. The demand response project ... Read More »

University students from UAE develop smart utility meter reader 3 APRIL 2017 Students from the American University of Sharjah developed a ‘smart utility meter reader’ allowing homeowners and utilities to check the status of meters at any time. The utility meter reader is able to monitor the status of meters at any time and any location, reports Trade Arabia News. The project was declared the winner of the ... Read More »

Cellular IoT device shipments to reach 530.1m units in 2022 3 APRIL 2017 According to IoT analyst firm Berg Insight, global shipments of cellular IoT devices will grow at a CAGR of 22.7% to reach 530.1m units in 2022. The strong growth is attributed to demand in China and the global adoption of connected car technology in the automotive industry. Berg Insight believes that “the maturity if the ecosystem ... Read More »

Energy efficiency measures help Con Edison save 160,200 MWh in 2016 30 MARCH 2017 US energy distribution company Con Edison announced energy savings achieved through its energy efficiency programmes deployed in 2016. In a press statement, the utility said its energy efficiency measures implemented in 2016 helped reduce consumer energy bills and carbon emissions, as well as improved the utility’s customer services. Funding and benefits of energy efficiency measures In ... Read More »

BGE residential bills down by 25% this winter 23 MARCH 2017 In the US, Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) reported that its residential customer bills were reduced by 25% this winter compared to winter bills two years ago. The utility says that the 25% reduction translates to an average customer savings of $72 per month during the past winter. According to a release, customers also used less ... Read More »

AMI pilot to help North Marin Water District understand smart meter benefits 23 MARCH 2017 In the US, the North Marin Water District kicked off a pilot project to test the ability of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to improving its billing processes. Under the $850,000 AMI project, the utility district installed some 200 smart water meters and 26 antennas to provide connectivity between the smart meters and the utility headquarters. The ... Read More »

Smart city solutions and services market to reach $97.6bn by 2026 – report 17 MARCH 2017 A new report issued by Navigant Research forecasts the global market for smart city solutions and services to generate $97.6 billion by 2026. The market intelligence firm predicts the 250 smart city projects currently under deployment in 178 cities to generate $40.1 billion in revenue by the end of 2017. According to the report, global cities ... Read More »

85m smart meters to be installed annually by 2025 – report 23 FEBRUARY 2017 Energy market intelligence firm Frost and Sullivan predicts that the global smart meter installation rate will reach 85 million annually by 2025. Increased implementation of regulatory initiatives especially in Europe will drive the growth of the smart meters market stimulated by efforts to reduce utilities’ non-technical losses, improve billing accuracy and expand renewable energy portfolios. Malavika ... Read More »

Energy Management Startup Bidgely Raises $16.6 Million In B Round November 13th, 2015 by Jake Richardson The California energy management startup Bidgely has raised $16.6 million in a series B round of funding to help expand its product suite. Constellation Technology Ventures, the venture capital arm of Exelon Corporation, E.ON (EOAN:GR) RWE (RWE:GR), and Khosla Ventures are some of the investors. The company also wants to grow its European ... Read More »

Washington utility district approves smart meter proposal 2 MARCH 2017 The US county of Jefferson in Washington state is set to replace existing analogue electric meters with smart meters in a move to modernise its billing processes. The development is a result of this week’s approval of a proposal to implement the smart meter installation project by the Jefferson County Public Utility District (PUD) Commission. The ... Read More »

California city to upgrade metering infrastructure 14 DECEMBER 2016 The US city of Pasadena in California plans to replace its existing automated meter reading (AMR) system with an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system. The advanced metering project is expected to help the city improve its water and electricity billing system through the provision of a two-way communication between the city’s public service department and consumers. ... Read More »

Smart meter software provider Greenbird receives $5m investment 7 DECEMBER 2016 European smart meter software provider Greenbird has received a $5m investment from venture capital firm Statkraft Ventures, with participation from ETF Partners. From left Matthias Dill, managing director of Statkraft Ventures, Thorsten Heller, CEO at Greenbird and Arne Morteani, partner at ETF Partners. Greenbird is a growing software vendor and IT integration specialist based in Norway. ... Read More »

US utility recognised for innovative energy efficiency service 6 DECEMBER 2016 US utility Tacoma Power was recognised by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) for its energy efficiency project. The utility company was awarded NEEA’s Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Innovation. The energy efficiency award recognises efforts by Tacoma Power in using its video chat technology to improve customer engagement and communicating with them on its ... Read More »

US state saves $5bn on energy bills since 2008 Utilities energy efficiency initiatives deployed in the US state of Michigan have helped consumers save $5 billion on their energy bills since 2008. In its 2016 energy efficiency review, the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) states that Michigan has exceeded its energy efficiency target set in 2008 by 20%. This was made possible by an increase in the implementation ... Read More »

lllinois utility forges ahead with smart meter project 1 DECEMBER 2016 US utility Ameren Illinois plans to improve its service reliability by replacing existing analog gas and electric meters with smart meters in four counties in Illinois. In a press statement, the utility firm said it plans to improve its customer service to some 15, 400 residential and small business customers by equipping them with the new ... Read More »

NIST releases IoT cybersecurity guidelines 30 NOVEMBER 2016 The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released a set of cybersecurity guidelines for the Internet of Things. According to a release, the publishing of the guidelines follows the Dyn attack in late October, “which further highlighted the immediate need for standards and guidance.” The IoT cybersecurity guidelines address questions and concerns about protections ... Read More »

ComEd launches online marketplace for customers 29 NOVEMBER 2016 ComEd has launched a new online shopping site that offers customers energy-saving products for their homes. The site offers easy application of instant rebates that enable customers to save on energy-related products for their homes. Customers can also learn about and purchase energy-related products that save them time and money, such as LED lightbulbs, smart thermostats, ... Read More »

New York named world’s smartest city 25 NOVEMBER 2016 The US city of New York was named 2016’s world smartest city during the World Smart City Awards held at the Smart City Expo World Congress. The awards recognised New York city for its smart city programme ‘Building a Smart + Equitable City.’ New York’s smart city programme was designed and is led by the Mayor’s ... Read More »

PGE files smart grid plan with Oregon regulator 23 NOVEMBER 2016 US utility firm, Portland General Electric (PGE) filed its proposal with the Oregon Public Utility Commission to implement its smart grid projects. The smart grid project proposal entitled, ‘2016 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)’ is in line with mandates set by the state’s energy regulator calling for utilities to increase their demand-side management and renewable energy portfolios ... Read More »

Israel utility selects local firm for systems backup during outages 22 NOVEMBER 2016 Power utility Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) partnered with energy storage solutions provider GenCell to improve its customer services. The state-owned IEC will install the solutions providers’ energy storage system ‘GenCell G5’ to provide the company’s data centres, substations and telecommunications and radio networks with power during electric outbreaks. The energy storage solution will enable the utility ... Read More »

SWL&P gets regulatory approval to implement AMI project 21 NOVEMBER 2016 Superior Water, Light and Power (SWL&P) secured approval from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to implement an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project. SWL&P’s approved smart metering project includes the replacement of existing analog water, gas and electric meters with smart meters over a period of five years. The five-year AMI plan falls under utility’s efforts ... Read More »

US utility drives energy efficiency pilot for low-income customers 17 NOVEMBER 2016 Arizona-based utility firm, Tucson Electric Power (TEP), is implementing an energy efficiency pilot to help its low-income customers reduce energy consumption and costs. In a press statement, the utility announced its energy efficiency project in which it is providing its low-income customers with energy efficiency equipment. TEP said it will install 1,800 advanced, programmable and energy ... Read More »

Trilliant connects 4.2m AMI units for British Gas 16 NOVEMBER 2016 Global provider of smart energy communications, Trilliant, announces the status of its smart meter rollout project in partnership with UK utility firm, British Gas. In a press statement, the California-based smart energy communications provider said it has so far connected 4.2 million smart meter devices for British Gas and its customers. The smart meter devices, which ... Read More »

Californian utility announces progress in AMR deployment 15 NOVEMBER 2016 In California, the City of Big Bear Lake announced that its Department of Water is one year ahead of its advanced meter reading (AMR) project. In a press statement, the city’s water division said it installed 6,000 radio-read water meters since the launch of its AMR meters project in 2014. The city had projected to replace ... Read More »

Israel and the US strengthen joint R&D of clean energy solutions 14 NOVEMBER 2016 The US Department of Energy (DoE) and Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources announce $4 million in clean energy funding. The $4 million smart energy funding will be provided to five clean energy projects in Israel and the US, under the Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Energy project. BIRD is a programme ... Read More »

Energy reduction targets to drive demand-side management market 11 NOVEMBER 2016 A new report compiled by energy market intelligence firm Navigant Research forecasts the global integrated demand-side management market to generate $1.2 billion by 2025. The growth of the demand-side management market is projected to be driven by global utilities efforts in reaching their energy efficiency and demand response (DR) targets. Navigant Research said it predicts global ... Read More »