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India inaugurates IoT Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru 11 JULY 2016 India has inaugurated its first Centre of Excellence for the Internet of Things (CoE-IoT) in Bengaluru last week. The centre is a collaboration between several organisations including Nasscom, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) and Education and Research Network (ERNET) under the government’s Digital India initiative. Through the establishment of the centre, the government aims ... Read More »

Michigan utility to complete smart meter rollout by 2017 11 JULY 2016 US power and gas utility Consumers Energy announced its plans to complete the deployment of smart meters to all its customers by the end of 2017. To date, the utility has installed 1 million smart electric meters and 200,000 gas communication modules to enhance customer services and ensure accurate power and gas billing. According to a ... Read More »

California water utility approves smart meter rollout 5 JULY 2016 US utility Santa Fe Irrigation District announced its plans to deploy a project to improve its revenue collection and help customers reduce their water usage and costs. The California water utility will replace 7,300 of its existing water meters with smart meters as from August through to 2021 to ensure accurate billing. By deploying the US$5.5 ... Read More »

Smart grid second largest IoT market in MEA 4 JULY 2016 According to a new forecast, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region will invest more than US$6.6 billion in IoT hardware, software, services, and connectivity this year. In its updated its Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide, the International Data Corporation (IDC) notes that the utilities industry is the second largest, with a projected IoT ... Read More »

Kentucky utility signs SGS to simplify AMI rollout 30 JUNE 2016 Smart grid technologies firm Smart Grid Solutions (SGS) said it completed an automated metering infrastructure (AMI) project for US power co-operative Kenergy Corporation In a press statement, SGS said it deployed its project planning platform ProFieldMETER’s DayToute module to help the western customer-owned utility to implement its smart meters project. The company deployed 52,000 smart meters ... Read More »

Smart Energy – Smart Home

By: Tom D. Tamarkin Cloud based consumer home automation for electricity, water, & gas management EnergyCite LTD June 29, 2016 Executive summary: Today there is a convergence of two major trends. These are “Smart Energy” and Home Automation. “Smart Energy” is delivered to electricity customers through the new “Smart Meters.” Utility companies currently support a nationwide installed base of 60 ... Read More »

How to Overcome Smart Home Downsides

Wall Street Daily Greg Miller | Jun 29, 2016 Over the past few weeks, I’ve featured a mini-series here on the Smart Home and how it could be on the cusp of widespread adoption. As you probably know by now, Smart Homes are the latest in a string of “Smart” things to enter our lives – after smartphones, smartwatches, smart ... Read More »

Hawaiian Electric manages demand with software solution 29 JUNE 2016 Hawaiian Electric has partnered with energy storage and cloud-based software provider Stem to manage customer electricity demand of some of its larger energy consumers. The utility has installed Stem’s energy monitoring equipment and software in 250 public schools within its service area. The collaboration with Hawaiian Electric is reported to be Stem’s first deal under which ... Read More »

C3 IoT secures US$25m US State Department contract 27 JUNE 2016 Internet of Things Software solutions provider C3 IoT has been selected by the US Department of State to implement energy management and predictive analytics technology. Under the US$25 million multi-year contract, C3 IoT will deploy its IoT enterprise application development platform to assist the US Federal Government to “achieve and maintain statutory, executive order, and department ... Read More »

Sustainable water management drives global flow meter market 24 JUNE 2016 A new report by technology research firm Technavio predicts that the global flow meter market will grow at a CAGR of 11.45% between 2016 and 2020. According to the study, the increase in the adoption of smart meters and the development of sustainable water management systems will drive the market. For instance, following the installation of ... Read More »

Avista Utilities modernises network with Itron OpenWay Riva 24 JUNE 2016 Smart Grid US energy company Avista Utilities has selected Itron to modernise its electric and gas network as well as lay down the foundation for future smart city applications. Avista will reportedly deploy Itron’s OpenWay Riva IoT solution, which delivers interoperability and distributed intelligence over an Itron and Cisco network. [US gas utility selects Itron for ... Read More »

US firms launch R&D facility for water technologies 23 JUNE 2016 In the US, water management firm FATHOM partnered with Accelerate H2O and the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) to accelerate the development of smart water technologies. Accelerate H20 is an organisation created to implement research and development of water technologies to enhance Texas’ residential, industrial, agricultural, and utility sectors. ATI is a division of the University of ... Read More »

US firm unveils new online store for water tech 22 JUNE 2016 This week, water management solutions firm Fathom has launched an online platform to accelerate the adoption of smart water technologies in the US. The online marketplace Fathom Store is designed to simplify the engagement between water utilities and solutions providers toward fast and risk-free adoption of new technologies. The store will allow water utilities to list ... Read More »

Itron and WaterSmart partner on customer engagement 21 JUNE 2016 Itron has partnered with smart water technology provider WaterSmart to optimise water efficiency and consumer engagement applications and expand its water portfolio. Under the collaboration, Itron will add WaterSmart’s consumer engagement platform to its expanding water portfolio. WaterSmart’s platform is designed to help utilities become more water efficient by engaging consumers with their water usage and ... Read More »

California utilities partner to drive energy conservation 21 JUNE 2016 A joint coalition of Southern California gas and electric utilities, the state regulator and local city governments have come to together to drive energy efficiency. In a press statement the coalition, Energy Providers of Southern California, said it collaborated with the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Independent System Operator and local city governments to help ... Read More »

Taiwan utility signs Israel firm for distribution management 20 JUNE 2016 Smart Water In Asia, the Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC) partnered with Israeli integrated water solutions firm, TaKaDu, for the rollout of a network management pilot project. The programme will allow the water utility to deploy TaKaDu’s IoT cloud-based data analytics solution to monitor and manage part of its distribution network. In total, the water company provides ... Read More »

SGIP releases new smart grid standard 17 JUNE 2016 The SGIP has published the new ANSI/ASHRAE/NEMA Standard 201P which affords electrical energy consumers the opportunity to participate in smart grid networks. The ANSI/ASHRAE/NEMA Standard 201P, also known as the ‘Facility Smart Grid Information Model’ (FSGIM), builds on and makes use of several other related standards applicable to the smart grid. [SGIP bags federal funds of ... Read More »

Exelon Utilities budgets US$25bn for smart grid tech 17 JUNE 2016 US utilities holding company Exelon announced its plans to invest US$25 billion in smart grid technologies over the next five years to ensure grid reliability. In a press statement, the firm said it will direct the capital to help its six utilities to strengthen their grids and improve customer service, paying particular attention to outage restoration. ... Read More »

ComEd plans smart meter rollout in Illinois 15 JUNE 2016 US power utility ComEd said it will deploy an AMI project to enhance its operations in the city of Aurora in the state of Illinois, beginning this summer. Commenting on the development, Mike McMahan, vice president of AMI implementation for ComEd, said: “Technology has moved on, so our standard now is the smart meter.” The utility ... Read More »

Prepayment popular amongst wealthy US consumers 13 JUNE 2016 Management consulting firm, Distributed Energy Financial Group (DEFG), has found that interest in energy prepayment is rising amongst wealthy US consumers. This is evidenced by a survey recently conducted by the energy management consulting firm to measure the level of interest of affluent Americans in a prepayment service. According to its findings, the firm found that ... Read More »

Tennessee utility plans US$54m AMI rollout 9 JUNE 2016 Knoxville, Tennessee US utility Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) is set to deploy an Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project to improve its customer service in East Tennessee. The electric, gas, water, and wastewater service provider said this week it plans to use the US$54 million project to install 400,000 smart meters from July 2016 to 2020. The ... Read More »

US city plans to deploy smart water meters 19 MAY 2016 The US city of Berea in Ohio partnered with metering solutions company Badger Meter and metering firm NECO for the rollout of a smart water meters project. Under the programme, the city will install some 4,000 Badger water meters with assistance from NECO to reduce non-revenue water through accurate water billing and leak detections. According to ... Read More »

Connected home: How do smart meters fit in? 31 MAY 2016 What can European utilities learn about connected home platforms from their telco cousins? Thomas Rockmann, Vice President Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom explains. The future for energy management is bright, according to received industry wisdom, due to the guaranteed growth in smart meters and associated smart technology, writes Rockmann. Analysts predict great things – such as by ... Read More »

Residential IoT market to reach US$117.3bn in 2026 30 MAY 2016 A new report by Navigant Research states that the residential Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to grow from US$26.5bn in 2016 to US$117.3bn in 2026. The residential Internet of Things market includes connected devices that help automate their homes and boost energy efficiency, enhance comfort and security. Navigant Research expects this IoT trend to ... Read More »

ComEd incorporates Green Button energy management tools 26 MAY 2016 US power utility ComEd launched its new energy efficiency programme to help customers to improve their energy management, reduce usage and costs. ComEd is utilising Green Button Download My App to help customers with smart meters to download, authorise and share their energy consumption data with registered third party energy efficiency solution providers for provision of ... Read More »

Honeywell develops big data app for utilities 26 MAY 2016 Global energy management technology firm Honeywell launched a new solution to help utilities better manage their grid data. In a press statement, the US headquartered technology firm said it partnered with its subsidy, metering solutions company Elster for the development of the multi-purpose solution Connexo MultiSense. Honeywell claims its new version of the solution allows utilities ... Read More »

Telit partners with US firm on smart meter comms 23 MAY 2016 Wireless M2M tech firm Telit partnered with smart grid communication solutions provider M2M Engineering to provide utilities with an enhanced wireless communications tech In a combined statement, the US headquartered M2M Engineering said it will use Telit’s end-to-end solution comprising of IoT modules and communications platforms to come up with a cost-effective and secure wireless technology ... Read More »

WGL Energy improves energy management with Innowatts app 20 MAY 2016 The US utility company partnered with energy technology company Innowatts to help its customers in Pennsylvania to reduce power consumption and bills. The partnership allowed the Washington DC based utility to launch Innowatts’ energy management app as a service to help its consumers in Pennsylvania’s PPL Electric Utilities territory to manage their power usage effectively. In ... Read More »

Customer communication critical to successful ‘smart’ rollouts 19 MAY 2016 The role of communication and customer engagement has been one of the key themes discussed with utility executives at the 2016 African Utility Week. Communication with customers before, during and after deployment of digital technologies cannot be stressed enough, a key point which has been raised several times in conversations and conference sessions at the currently ... Read More »

US allocates US$37.5bn for energy and smart water projects 18 MAY 2016 The US government announced it will allocate US$37.5bn to fund energy and water programmes in 2017. The funding will be channelled to accelerate the growth of the two sectors through the department of energy, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Bereau of Reclamation as from the last quarter of 2016. According to a local ... Read More »

US consumers highly knowledgeable on smart energy tech – survey 16 MAY 2016 A new survey by the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative has found US consumers to be highly knowledgeable about smart energy technologies. The level awareness includes consumers highly knowledgeable about solar panels and the ability of smart energy technologies to be controlled remotely for a system’s reliability and efficiency. In a press statement, the non-profit organisation said ... Read More »

US utility awarded for mobile customer engagement tool 13 MAY 2016 Glendale Water and Power (GWP) received an award at CS Week for its customer engagement programme aimed at digitising its services. The utility providing water services to some 33,744 customers and 88,100 electric consumers in Glendale, California was awarded the 2016 CS Week Expanding Excellence Award in the “Best in Mobility Implementation” category. The award is ... Read More »

Pacific Power signs Silver Spring for AMI connectivity 12 MAY 2016 In the US, power utility Pacific Power signed a contract with smart energy network provider Silver Spring for the rollout of an advanced metering project in Oregon. The agreement will allow the solutions provider to deploy its technology Gen5 IPv6 for a two-way communication of the advanced metering infrastructure. In a combined statement, the utility serving ... Read More »

IoT: Revolutionising the global energy economy 29 APRIL 2016 Starting from 15 billion devices at present, the world will see 50 billion devices connected with each other through the Internet of Things (IoT) by the end of 2020. The global IoT market is in fact predicted to increase from US$665.9 billion to US$1.8 trillion in 2020, as per a report by Cisco. Most of this ... Read More »

DTE Energy upgrades energy efficiency tool 27 APRIL 2016 Smart Grid US power utility DTE Energy upgraded its energy efficiency tool ‘DTE Insight’ to help consumers reduce their power consumption and electricity bills. The new feature allows customers to use the DTE Insight app to set an energy budget target, monitor their energy efficiency targets through access to daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy costs. ... Read More »

SunEdison Plans To File For Bankruptcy

Fox News April 04, 2016 Solar-energy company SunEdison plans to file for bankruptcy protection in coming weeks, a dramatic about-face for a company whose market value stood at nearly $10 billion in July. The company is preparing a chapter 11 filing and is in talks with two creditor groups to obtain a loan to fund its operations during the process, ... Read More »

SunEdison at risk of bankruptcy, unit says; shares plummet 60 percent

Reuters BY AMRUTHA GAYATHRI AND ARATHY S NAIR | Mar 29, 2016 Solar panels of local mining company CAP are seen in the Atacama Desert June 5, 2014. REUTERS/FABIAN ANDRES CAMBERO U.S. solar energy company SunEdison Inc (SUNE.N), whose aggressive acquisition strategy has saddled it with almost $12 billion of debt, is at “substantial risk” of bankruptcy, one of its ... Read More »

Duquesne Light gets PUC approval for ToU pricing pilot 16 MARCH 2016 Smart Meters US energy regulator Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) has approved Duquesne Light’s proposal to implement a time-of-use (ToU) rate pilot. Up to 150,000 of the utility’s 588,000 residential metering points in Allegheny and Beaver Counties will be used in the pilot. The programme is set to kick-start on the 1st of June 2016 and ... Read More »

Huawei expands into Internet of Things with LiteOS March 14, 2016 Internet of Things Huawei is reported to be launching an operating system for the Internet of Things that will be used to power smart home devices, connected vehicles and wearable tech. This move marks Huawei’s entry into the Internet of Things. The Chinese networking and telecommunications giant predicts that in less than ten years, a total ... Read More »

ComEd selects 6,500 to participate in smart meter pilot March 11, 2016 Smart Meters llinois-based utility ComEd has selected 6,500 customers with smart meters to participate in a pilot that will help them to manage and reduce their energy use. The 6,500 ComEd customers were randomly selected for the pilot and were given use of web and mobile energy-cutting tools and gift card rewards. The smart meter pilot ... Read More »

Smart energy could save UK GBP8bn annually, says NIC 7 MARCH 2016 According to a report by the UK’s National Infrastructure Commission, smart energy could save consumers up to GBP8bn annually. The report says that smart energy infrastructure and policy could “fire a smart power revolution,” and that a smart energy revolution could save households approximately GBP75 by 2030. Savings are accelerated by the use of electricity at ... Read More »

Increased smart energy adoption to drive global demand response market growth 3 MARCH 2016 Whilst US utilities are leading in implementation of demand response programmes, Europe and Asia are emerging as hot markets for smart meters and thermostats. This is according to a new report on the global market for demand response, released by energy market research company, Frost and Sullivan this week. In a press statement, Frost and Sullivan ... Read More »

Bill Gates: World will deliver ‘clean energy breakthrough’ within 15 years

Guardian James Murray Feb. 24, 2016 Tech billionaire predicts innovation will deliver the clean energy the world desperately needs, but only if young people, businesses, and governments step up to the plate, reports Business Green Bill Gates says the goal has to be zero emission power – cutting emissions isn’t enough. Photograph: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters Bill Gates has predicted researchers will ... Read More »

Indra-Intel launch new IOT gateway

Bringing Intelligence to the Edge: Indra and Intel If you can imagine in a world in which you can communicate with your refrigerator, your TV and your home alarm, you are visualising the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) – the concept of connecting devices, be they large power transformers, smart meters, pacemakers or even front door sensors, to ... Read More »

Israeli telecom company unveils utility cybersecurity solution Feb. 25, 2016 This week, global ELASTIC network solutions provider ECI launched a new cybersecurity solution to improve utilities’ operations. In a statement, the Israel headquartered telecom company said the new cybersecurity solution ‘LightSEC’ will boost its smart grid portfolio ElastiGRID. ECI claims LightSEC will enhance the safety and reliability of utility infrastructure against Cyber- attacks. LightSEC is made ... Read More »

How Much Oil Have We Used?

Science Daily May 8, 2009 Summary: Estimates of how much crude oil we have extracted from the planet vary wildly. Now, researchers have published a new estimate in the International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology that suggests we may have used more than we think. New calculations suggest that experts have grossly underestimated how much oil the world ... Read More »


By Andy May “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future” (old Danish proverb, sometimes attributed to Niels Bohr) In November, 2016 the USGS (United States Geological Survey) reported their assessment of the recent discovery of 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent (technically recoverable) in the Midland Basin of West Texas. About the same time IHS researcher Peter Blomquist published ... Read More »

Bill Gates’ superpower: More (and cheaper) energy

USA Today February 23, 2016 SAN FRANCISCO — Bill Gates, the tech entrepreneur turned global philanthropist, says it’s not enough to use “lots of crazy-seeming ideas” to solve climate change. The cost of such clean energy must be lower than today’s options. Bill and Melinda Gates want young people to get involved in not only finding innovative solutions to problems ... Read More »

Smart meters: Aclara wins US contract for 3.9m units 15 FEBRUARY 2016 Global smart infrastructure tech provider Aclara last week secured a contract for provision of smart electric meters to two US power utilities. In a press statement, Aclara said it will provide the smart meters to Consolidated Edison, and Orange and Rockland (O&R). Supply of the 3.9m smart meters will start once Aclara receives regulatory approval from ... Read More »

Landis+Gyr upgrades GridStream AMI solution February 11, 2016 Global energy management company Landis+Gyr this week announced the launch of a communications platform capable of connecting multiple grid deployed AMI solutions. In a statement, Landis+Gyr said the launch of its grid router is a major advancement in adaptability and processing power for the network connecting the Gridstream suite of AMI, Distribution Intelligence and Customer Intelligence ... Read More »