Lawson’s Energy Links

About Barrie Lawson:

Barrie graduated from Birmingham University with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1964. Since then he as has worked at Director level in many branches of the electronics industry including military electronics, telecommunications, computers, automotive and consumer electronics. During the last 10 years he has been involved in the battery business, originally as Chairman of MPower Batteries, a custom battery pack making company in Scotland which he helped to found and later in China where he set up a similar business. He is currently Chairman of CHE EVC, another battery startup company pioneering some interesting new technologies. In his spare time he writes and maintains the Electropaedia web site, a comprehensive knowledge base about batteries and energy sources.

Most of these links will open to Barrie Lawson’s web site, in a new tab or window.

Electrical Energy Sources

Energy Supply Overview
Energy Resources
Energy Consumption
Energy Efficiency
Energy from Fossil Fuels
Energy from Biofuels
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Nuclear Energy
Small Scale Power
Geothermal Energy
Biofuel Power
Hydrogen Fuel
Chemical Energy
Thermoelectric Generator (Seebeck)
Thermoelectric Generator (Amtec)
MHD Power
Hybrid Power Plants
Economics of some domestic energy capture systems. (The cost of green energy)
Solar Thermal (Water heating)
Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) (Electricity generation)
Wind Turbines

Comprehensive information on Battery Technology

Battery Types
Battery Chemistries
Battery Performance
Battery Management Systems
Battery Manufacturing
Battery Failure Modes
Battery Reliability and Warranty Issues
Battery Chargers
Battery Glossary
New Cell Designs and Chemistries
Battery Life (and Death)
Why Batteries Fail
Battery Safety
Battery Testing
Battery Storage
Cell Construction
Battery Manufacturing
Battery Pack Design
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Battery Applications
V2G Energy Transfer
Software Configurable Battery