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Integrating the cloud, home automation, IoT, utility smart meters & energy based video games to help consumers save money

By: Tom D. Tamarkin July 25, 2016 Key words: Cloud ∙ Energy ∙ Fusion Power ∙ Home Automation ∙ Internet of Things (IoT) ∙ Smart Meters ∙ Video Games A recent JD Powers performance survey notes “electric utility providers continue to struggle to match other industries in customer satisfaction.” The survey further notes that customer engagement through digital devices can significantly enhance ... Read More »

A Proclamation to the World

This proclamation was written by Tom Tamarkin July 2012. Foreign language versions were produced by professional translators in Israel, Russia and Peru.     A Proclamation to the World – English דבר העם האמריקאי והעם הישראלי לעולם (A Proclamation to the World – Hebrew) بيان إلى العالم من الشعبين الامريكي والاسرائيلي (A Proclamation to the World – Arabic) Proclamación al Mundo ... Read More »