Dr. Shalom Eliezer, Rehovot, Israel

Tom Tamarkin, President of USCL and Dr. Shalom and Yaffa Eliezer discuss nuclear fusion energy

Dr. Eliezer is a well-known professor and lecturer on fusion science in Europe and Israel. His wife Yaffa is the author of two fiction books published both in English and Hebrew. Dr. Shalom Eliezer is the author of many text books used in graduate level university classes in nuclear physics and plasma sciences, including “Fundamentals of Equations of State“, “High-Pressure Equations of State: Theory and Applications”, “The Interaction of High-Power Lasers with Plasmas” and “Applications of Laser-Plasma Interactions“, as well as his popular book, “The Fourth State of Matter; An Introduction to Plasma Science”.

The videos indexed by icons below were produced with Dr. Shalom and Yaffa, Eliezer at their home in Rehovot, Israel. Part 2 provides a discussion of Dr. Eliezer’s concept of “Energy”, “the Good,” “the Bad,” and “the Ugly.” The project of the Dr. Schroeder book on energy and fusion is discussed. The proposed interactive game series will be based on facts presented in this book based on work done at the Ariel University.

Fundamentals of Equations of StateHigh-Pressure Equations of State: Theory and ApplicationsThe Interaction of High-Power Lasers with PlasmasApplications of Laser-Plasma Interactions

Hosted by Amalia Ishak

The following video is raw footage edited from camera digital files by Tom Tamarkin for continuity. It is provided here for educational purposes only without commercial value. As our project develops and financial conditions allow this raw footage will be “mined” for sound bites and topical excerpts edited into various video productions.

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Discussing Dr. Neeman’s advocacy of developing fusion energy to the Israeli knesset in 1980