The climate change bubble

Bud Bromley July 5, 2016 Dr. Judith Curry takes down the AAAS in the post at this link to her website.  The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) attempts a power play on climate change but instead shoots itself in the foot. This is an example of the Iron Law of Bureaucracy. … Read more

Tutorial: Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

This tutorial will show the overwhelming evidence for human activity having a negligible effect on the Earth’s climate. Definitions and Distinctions: What is “green”? Air pollution is bad. CO2 is not a pollutant. The resolution of the question lives ultimately in the domain of science. Thus, It’s essential to understand the physics and climate history … Read more

Avalanches of global warming alarmism

Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris UN climate cataclysm predictions have no basis in fact and should not be taken seriously Throughout the United Nations Climate Change Conference wrapping up in Bonn, Germany this week, the world has been inundated with the usual avalanche of manmade global warming alarmism. The UN expects us to believe … Read more

EPA’s Pruitt: Establish ‘Red Team, Blue Team’ of scientists to examine climate risk of CO2

WUWT June 6, 2017 Interviewed by Breitbart’s Joel Pollak, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says the American people deserve ‘a true legitimate, peer reviewed, objective, transparent discussion about CO2.’ Pruitt calls for the establishment of a ‘Red Team/Blue Team’ of scientist to examine ‘what do we know, what don’t we know, and what risk does it … Read more

Richard Lindzen’s letter to Pres. Trump

Dr. Richard Lindzen 301 Lake Avenue Newton, MA 02461 February 23, 2017 President Donald Trump White House Washington, DC Dear Mr. President: Citizens of the USA and America’s admirers everywhere support of your campaign promises to place a common-sense focus on international environmental agreements, either enacted or proposed. In just a few weeks, more than … Read more

Climate Models for the layman

By Judith Curry Executive Summary There is considerable debate over the fidelity and utility of global climate models (GCMs). This debate occurs within the community of climate scientists, who disagree about the amount of weight to give to climate models relative to observational analyses. GCM outputs are also used by economists, regulatory agencies and policy … Read more

Climate Change

William Happer testimony to Senate Energy Committee on February 25, 2009 …Let me state clearly where I probably agree with the other witnesses. We have been in a period of global warming over the past 200 years, but there have been several periods, like the last ten years, when the warming has ceased, and there … Read more

The IPCC is Wrong

Watts Up With That? December 11, 2016 As a factor in Global Warming, increases in the atmospheric concentration of CO2 have been, and will continue to be, largely irrelevant Guest essay submitted by William Van Brunt Copyright © William Van Brunt, 2016. All rights reserved. Summary The following are the basic principles and assumptions underlying … Read more