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Fusion Energy: 21st Century Moon Shot

By: Tom D. Tamarkin March 5, 2017 Introduction Mankind thrives on Earth today with a worldwide population of over 7 billion people. Fundamental to his existence is agriculture and energy. It takes massive amounts of energy to sustain agriculture. And it takes energy to produce and transport water for man and crops. Man has built a worldwide infrastructure of transportation, ... Read More »

Fusion Energy; Too Important To Fail – Too Big To Hoard

By: Tom D. Tamarkin Jan. 20, 2017 Proposal for privately funded fusion energy experimental science, R&D leading to commercialization Abstract The world will soon face an energy crisis of monumental proportions which many ignore. By 2050 we must significantly increase total energy production or face a need for worldwide redistribution of wealth and energy allocation coupled with population reduction. The ... Read More »

Man-Made Global Warming Myth & Why Big Green Investors Rely On It

Tom D. Tamarkin Dec. 16, 2018 Abstract: Green or renewable energy has become a trillion dollar plus annual industry. Tens of thousands of new businesses have been spawned worldwide based on “green and renewable” energy. Major fossil fuel companies such as Shell Energy have formed green energy divisions. These companies are virtually 100% dependent on the politically driven notion of ... Read More »

Integrating the cloud, home automation, IoT, utility smart meters & energy based video games to help consumers save money

By: Tom D. Tamarkin July 25, 2016 Key words: Cloud ∙ Energy ∙ Fusion Power ∙ Home Automation ∙ Internet of Things (IoT) ∙ Smart Meters ∙ Video Games A recent JD Powers performance survey notes “electric utility providers continue to struggle to match other industries in customer satisfaction.” The survey further notes that customer engagement through digital devices can significantly enhance ... Read More »

Smart Energy – Smart Home

By: Tom D. Tamarkin Cloud based consumer home automation for electricity, water, & gas management EnergyCite LTD June 29, 2016 Executive summary: Today there is a convergence of two major trends. These are “Smart Energy” and Home Automation. “Smart Energy” is delivered to electricity customers through the new “Smart Meters.” Utility companies currently support a nationwide installed base of 60 ... Read More »

Climate Change Won’t Kill the Grandkids – Having No Energy Will

By: Tom D. Tamarkin April 15, 2016 Abstract AGW or climate change is not the big problem many claim. The perceived scare of AGW has been used by sub-groups in the United Nations to bluff wealthy industrialized nations into transferring money to poor often times corrupt nations. Monies gained from this mechanism have not been invested in the root cause ... Read More »

Energy Basics

By: Tom Tamarkin Founder Fusion4Freedom & President USCL Corp Where does energy on our planet come from? There are three primary sources of material amounts of energy on Earth. The word material means an amount of energy greater than 2 % of total worldwide energy demand combining all sectors of transportation, industrial, commercial residential, agricultural, potable water production and its ... Read More »

Fusion Power; what is it, why we don’t have it, and a practical approach to making fusion energy a reality

By: Tom Tamarkin December 14, 2014 Abstract Fusion is the ultimate source of energy for human civilization in all sense of the word. Because fusion transforms mass directly to energy according to Einstein’s theory of special relativity (E=MC²,) a very small amount of fusion fuel creates a very large amount of energy. The cost of fusion fuel (Hydrogen-deuterium and Lithium) ... Read More »

2060 And Lights Out

By: Tom Tamarkin Founder Fusion4Freedom & President USCL Corp A Question and Answer Session Wolff Bachner and Tom Tamarkin 2060 And Lights Out: How Will America Survive Without Oil [Inquisitr Special Report] Imagine what your life would be like without electricity. No gasoline for your car; no oil for your furnace; no refrigeration for your food and no air conditioning ... Read More »

Who Killed Fusion?

By: Marsha Freeman, commissioned & edited by Tom Tamarkin copyright USCL 2010-2017 June 20, 2010 Skip Preface See also: How Russia Caused the World’s Preeminent Super Power To Lose 25 Years in Its Quest to Correctly Solve Energy See Also: Pat Boone & Tom Tamarkin series of 8 articles on the history and politics of fusion See Also: The MFTF-B ... Read More »

The Petro-Islamist Threat: How Fusion Energy Can Save the World

By: Tom Tamarkin and Mudar Zahran September 7, 2014 Updated Oct. 24, 2015 Abstract: Today the worldwide population of people practicing the Islamic Muslim faiths is estimated to be between 1.6 billion to 2.2 billion or 22 % to 30% of the world’s total population. Unfortunately for them, and for the rest of the world, the religion has been hijacked ... Read More »

American Based Worldwide Energy Independence

[php function=8]By: Tom Tamarkin Founder Fusion4Freedom & President USCL Corp August 5, 2012 EnergyCite® In a few years we should no longer need to depend on drilling for natural gas & oil…or mining coal…for energy. Energy is all around us. But not from wind, solar, tidal, or biofuels. Every school boy knows the answer; E=MC². What does E=MC² mean? Energy ... Read More »

What Makes a Smart Meter Smart?

The Transformation of Ratepayers into Customers Tom D. Tamarkin May 18, 2012 Abstract: The early electrification of communities throughout the world in the 20th century was based on public policy which largely ignored the utility customer. The United States of America, as an example, built a nationwide transmission and distribution system which delivered electrical power to over 135 million customers ... Read More »