Lawrenceville Plasma Physics

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Scientific paper: Fusion reactions from >150 keV ions in a dense plasma focus plasmoid Focus Fusion IndieGoGo Video! from Focus Fusion Society on Vimeo. Looking for funding: Focus Fusion in New Jersey July 2015: LPP Fusion has resumed dense plasma fusion test firing now using the new tungsten electrode Aneutronic nuclear fusion reactor … Read more

Deneum Proves Feasibility Hypothesis for its Nuclear Fusion Power Station, Concludes $ 1M Private Round

Market Insider August 29, 2018 | PRNewswire TALLINN, Estonia Deneum, a company aiming to revolutionize global energy industry with the nuclear fusion Power Station, announced that it has successfully proved the feasibility hypothesis via its laboratory unit during the private demonstration. Deneum also concluded $ 1M during the private round first stage. Offering global market … Read more

ITER Fusion energy pushed back beyond 2050

BBC 11 July 2017 We will have to wait until the second half of the century for fusion reactors to start generating electricity, experts have announced. Artwork: DEMO should open the way for the industrial and commercial use of nuclear fusion A new version of a European “road map” lays out the technological hurdles to … Read more

Fusion Energy’s Dreamers, Hucksters, and Loons JAN. 3 2013 The Cryostat forms the vacuum-tight container surrounding the ITER vacuum vessel and the superconducting magnets, essentially acting as a very large refrigerator. It will be made of stainless steel with thicknesses ranging from 50 mm to 250 mm. The structure is designed for 8,500 m3. Its overall dimensions will be 29.4 … Read more

Latest Fusion Confusion: From Hawaii

Fusion Energy Solutions FUSION ENERGY SOLUTIONS OF HAWAII INTRODUCES THE UNLIMITED PRIMARY ENERGY OF FUSION HOW IT WORKS At Fusion Energy Solutions of Hawaii, we know about the amazing connection that can occur with fusion. We will bring microscopic stars to earth as primary energy sources and explore a whole new world. Fusion is the … Read more

Argentina: from Huemul island fusion fraud to physics fortune

IET 18 August 2015 By Katia Moskvitch Ronald Richter built a huge concrete bunker to house his experiments It was arguably the scientific fraud of the century, but a hugely expensive failed project to create energy from nuclear fusion laid the foundation for Argentina’s success in physic. The ruins are ghostly, silent. The crumbling buildings … Read more

The Taylor Wilson Story

Taylor Wilson, Reno Nevada CBS Video, Scott Pelley and Taylor Wilson 2012 On the Road: Teen is the Mozart of physics CBS News March 30, 2012 Teenage physics wonder turns to nuclear safety Seventeen-year-old Taylor Wilson is like most high school boys. He can only think about one thing. But, the one thing that he’s … Read more