Why Fusion is the Only Realistic Solution

Analysis of scientific approaches & challenges of current private sector fusion energy companies

The following analysis is based on the review of publicly available scientific journal papers written and published by scientists at each of the identified companies as well as recent “poster presentations” at meetings such as the October-November 2016 American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics, conference held in San Jose, CA, and others. The following descriptions and challenges may be ... Read More »

Fusion Energy Consortium™

The Fusion Energy Consortium is a member sponsored U.S. IRS Title 26 501(c)(3) compliant LLC established as a foundation to stimulate the science, research, and development leading to practical controlled nuclear fusion energy. What is Fusion Energy? Fusion energy is a potentially unlimited source of energy capable of producing baseload power for the world’s electrical grid as well as the ... Read More »

Why Fusion is the Only Realistic Solution

By: Tom Tamarkin Founder Fusion4Freedom & President USCL Corp In 2016 the United States consumed 97.3 Quads of raw energy to produce 30.8 Quads of energy used by consumers and industry. The remaining 60% was lost as heat or thermal rejected energy. That is 1.027 X 1020 Joules or 9.73 X 1017 BTU of expended raw energy. To put that ... Read More »

2060 And Lights Out

By: Tom Tamarkin Founder Fusion4Freedom & President USCL Corp A Question and Answer Session Wolff Bachner and Tom Tamarkin 2060 And Lights Out: How Will America Survive Without Oil [Inquisitr Special Report] Imagine what your life would be like without electricity. No gasoline for your car; no oil for your furnace; no refrigeration for your food and no air conditioning ... Read More »

2050 Projected Alternative Energy Supply and Demand Study

[php function=7]April 9, 2010 Summary The purpose of this study is to provide a first-pass approximation of world energy needs in 2050, and the ability of alternative energy to meet those needs. We make this approximation according to a specified methodology: We calculate the primary energy consumption per capita of the United States for 2008, and then use that per-capita ... Read More »

Sustainable Energy — without the hot air

Download the full free E-book here. A ten-page synopsis We have an addiction to fossil fuels, and it’s not sustainable. The developed world gets 80% of its energy from fossil fuels; Britain, 90%. And this is unsustainable for three reasons. First, easily-accessible fossil fuels will at some point run out, so we’ll eventually have to get our energy from someplace ... Read More »