Fusion Elevator Speech

In order for all people in the world to live comfortable lives and have the ability to prosper, we must increase current total worldwide annual energy production by a factor greater than 4. This is not possible, and if it were it would deplete fossil fuel reserves before the end of this century. Today the United States has 4.5% of the world’s population yet it uses over 25% of the world’s annual energy production. “Alternative green and renewable” energy sources can supply less than 5% of projected 2050 total energy requirements. There is only one way to produce this amount of energy to support mankind. That is the conversion of mass into energy through the process of controlled fusion. As a matter of national security and as a moral imperative to safeguard the future of all people in the world, Americans must unite to achieve this goal and demonstrate controlled fusion within a decade.

We do for fusion energy development what Walter Cronkite did for the space program. We bring fusion energy awareness & progress into virtually every home in America and will generate tens of millions of dollars annually for private companies doing fusion science R&D. We do this using the utility smart meters and mobile apps which help people save money and conserve energy.

To learn more see our 7 point plan.