A message from the president

Tom Tamarkin
We need your help and support.

Our mission is to teach all Americans that the renewable green energy schemes currently proposed…solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geo-thermal and bio-fuels are nothing more than a “drop in the bucket” in terms of our future energy demands and that our nation’s economic prosperity and national security depend on all American’s knowing this and letting their politicians know they know this.

Today tens of billions of dollars are wasted annually on “green energy schemes” that simply do not work except when subsidized by the government and the people through the utility rate payer base. Even more money is wasted studying the Anthropogenic Global Warming issue which has led to the unfortunate creation of the green energy scheme.

Yet we have known what the solution to the energy crisis is since the mid-1970s.

The only realistic solution to our energy future is the development of commercial fusion energy.

The need is great. There is no bigger more worthy issue in the country…indeed in the world…than the development of fusion power. Today over 1.6 billion people worldwide remain without electricity. And our fossil fuel supply of coal, petroleum, and natural gas is finite and will be depleted beyond economically viable recovery this century.

The problem is people do not understand this issue and have a false sense of security based on currently abundant low cost energy. Yet the development of fusion will take an effort similar to the Apollo Moon program in the 1960s and will require at least two decades of concentrated work before commercialization. The natural tendency, of course, is to put this off because it does not seem urgent. And then it will be too late.

We have a plan to get fusion power developed in time for our children and certainly grandchildren.

I have spent the last 22 years designing, perfecting, and patenting the utility smart meter as a tool to help all Americans manage their electric, gas and water bills and their money. I wrote about what needed to be done and could be done in the American Public Power Magazine in 1992. And I introduced the smart electric, gas and water meter with in-home customer displays in that same year.

Now with seven patents granted and more pending, I am forming a utility and industry consortium which will license the patents to the industry as well as help the industry adopt the technology.

Of much greater importance however is the fact that we plan to reinvest a significant portion of our license and consortium revenues in the development of the next generation of clean, green, and virtually unlimited large scale energy coming from atomic fusion. This will be a decade long project to get to the point of proof of science and another decade to complete application engineering and commercialization; just in time to meet the serious threat of economically viable fossil fuel reserves depletion.

We will do this with American National Laboratories and large energy and scientific based companies as partners. Our plans are fully set forth in this web site.

Our patents have been granted and we have infringement to day which means the company has many options open to it to produce revenue. Our choice is the most straightforward which is to form the industry consortium with lots of open publicity and regulatory fanfare.

Our tangible products to the consumer are:

  • Display and control of energy costs and use anywhere in the world a smart phone or tablet is used.
  • Honest non-politically and non-commercially biased energy and science programing delivered to your PC, smart phones or the like.
  • A series of energy and science based games for adults and children to learn about the seriousness of the issues and the degree to which we are presently off course.
  • Real time programming based on the fusion development program so every American knows exactly what the state of the development is and can watch the progress literally daily.

Please read through this web site and support our efforts in every way possible.

Thank you for joining with us and investing in our future.

Tom Tamarkin

Tom D. Tamarkin
President & CEO, USCL
Managing Director Fusion4Freedom