American Based Worldwide Energy Independence

[php function=8]Tom TamarkinBy: Tom Tamarkin
Founder Fusion4Freedom & President USCL Corp

August 5, 2012

  • In a few years we should no longer need to depend on drilling for natural gas & oil…or mining coal…for energy.
  • Energy is all around us. But not from wind, solar, tidal, or biofuels.
  • Every school boy knows the answer; E=MC².
  • What does E=MC² mean? Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.
  • One gram of matter…any matter…is equal to the energy released by burning 7.35 million gallons of gasoline.
  • How can this energy be harnessed? Initially, through controlled fusion.
  • Fusion can convert readily available materials to energy.
  • Scientists first tested un-controlled fusion in the 1950s. We know it works.
  • Fusion research for peaceful commercial energy has been grossly mismanaged in terms of political will, responsible requisite funding, & public awareness.
  • The United States used to lead the world in fusion science research and development.
  • Today, South Korea, China, India, the European Union, and even Russia are leading the pack.
  • The United States Department of Energy (DOE) does not acknowledge fusion as an energy resource.
  • The US DOE acknowledges fusion only in the sense of plasma physics scientific research.
  • All DOE non NNSA and weapons related funded fusion (plasma physics) research in the United States is currently pledged to ITER.
  • ITER or International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor is a UN IAEA run experimental fusion effort located in southern France; the United States is only a 9% partner.
  • The fundamental science supporting fusion is real and verified.
  • The political will to unlock commercial controlled fusion has yet to be established.
  • Recent American political candidates such as Gingrich and Romney have called for privately funded, massive “moon landing” like science based projects, to rebuild America and revitalize education and the economy.
  • Solving energy for the entire world in this decade is a goal every bit as big…and achievable…as going to the moon in the 1960s.
  • America must do this. He who controls energy controls the world…and the future of mankind.
  • Fusion can generate virtually unlimited energy lasting for eternity.
  • Unlocking fusion and controlling its commercial availability will create thousands of privately owned high tech business just as NASA did in previous decades.
  • The money to pay off the 15 trillion dollar U.S. national debt will be generated through sales of related equipment, services and royalty licenses.
  • America will once again be the preeminent moral and economic superpower.

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