California city to upgrade metering infrastructure 14 DECEMBER 2016

The US city of Pasadena in California plans to replace its existing automated meter reading (AMR) system with an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system.

The advanced metering project is expected to help the city improve its water and electricity billing system through the provision of a two-way communication between the city’s public service department and consumers.

According to a local publication, the new AMI system will allow the city to improve its water and energy efficiency through real-time management and operation of its distribution networks.

The project will grant the city’s electric consumers with access to real-time consumption data and participation in efficiency and demand response initiatives such as Time-of-Use energy pricing.

The current AMR system which the city is using covers 92% of the city’s water and electric consumers and was installed in 2003.

With regard to water management, the AMI system will help the city reduce non-revenue and operational costs through quick identification and elimination of water leakages.

Pasadena city will also install and integrate a new customer information system with the new AMI system.

In early 2017, officials at the city of Pasadena will draft a framework on how the city can transition to the new advanced metering system. [Illinois utility to install smart meters for gas and electric customers].

Advanced metering and water efficiency

In early December, the City of Solana Beach in San Diego secured funding from the San Diego Foundation to implement a water efficiency pilot project.

The San Diego Foundation will provide $80,000 to help the city of Solana Beach to implement the project to test how technology can be used to help consumers monitor their water consumption in real-time.

The city will partner with water management solutions provider HydroSmart Technologies and the Cleantech San Diego for the implementation of the water efficiency project.

CleanTech San Diego is a non-profit consortium of businesses, universities and government agencies established to promote the use of Internet of Things technologies to create a sustainable economy in the San Diego region.

Under the water efficiency project, HydroSmart Technologies will deploy its smart water solution, Smart Monitoring System, which will provide real-time monitoring and management of the city’s water distribution network by identifying water leaks and remotely order sensors in the distribution line to shut off water even before notifying city officials.

The technology will be integrated with firm’s SenseOps’ IoT gateway to allow consumers to access their usage data in real-time using mobile applications and devices.

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