Open Source Nuclear Fusion

Mark Suppes built a nuclear fusion reactor with no formal science background. Prior to the fusion project, Mark became comfortable tackling the improbable with eight years of web startups. In these startups, he learned that it’s better to be too ambitious than not ambitious enough. Considering the time and effort a startup requires, it makes … Read more

This Could Change Everything For Mankind. It’s Pure Genius, But Could Be Dangerous. A former contractor to U.S. security services has built his own nuclear fusion reactor in the basement of his own home. Engineer Doug Coulter was once a ‘Beltway bandit’ – a term for private companies located in or near Washington that provide services to the government – making signal processing and radio gadgets. Now … Read more

Iranian team to collaborate with US company on nuclear fusion project

New Jersey company says it has permission for unique partnership to work toward the holy grail of energy sources Mark Halper, Friday 25 May 2012 13.59 EDT Plasma used in fusion reactions is created at places like the ASDEX upgrade fusion reactor in Germany. Photograph: Peter Ginter/Science Faction/Corbis A US company and an Iranian … Read more

Multiphase Nuclear Fusion Reactor – Clean and Safe Atomic Energy

Published on Youtube Jun 2, 2014 Conceptually, it has been redesigned to be the most energy-efficient fusion reactor ever. Effectively, a clean, safe, dense and environmentally friendly power source to supply the world’s energy needs, with no greenhouse gases, no long-term radioactive waste, low thermal waste, no large land areas, no environmental impact, no interruptions … Read more