Scientists Eviscerate Feds’ ‘Hottest Year’ Claim

WND | Bob Unruh | Jan. 16, 2015 ‘Please laugh out loud when someone will be telling you that it was the warmest’ When scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA released their assessment Friday that 2014 was the hottest year in 135 years of record-keeping, proponents of the theory that mankind … Read more

Did You Know Arctic And Antarctic Ice Isn’t Melting

Climate Change Dispatch Written by Deccan Chronicle on 29 December 2014. A global warming expert has made shocking revelations that the north and south poles are “not melting”. The scientist revealed that the poles are “much more stable” than climate scientists once predicted and could even be much thicker than previously thought, the Daily Express … Read more

Greenland Ice Melt Geothermal, Not Manmade

Climate Change Dispatch Written by James Edward Kamis, guest post on 29 December 2014. Newly released research, primarily from NASA and the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences, indicates that melting of selective Greenland Glaciers is related to geologically induced heat flow, and not manmade atmospheric global warming. Previous articles posted here and here have … Read more

Evidence Shows Geothermal Activity Linked To West Antarctic Ice Melt

Climate Change Dispatch Written by James Edward Kamis, guest post on 19 December 2014. Since the initial posting of the Plate Climatology Theory here at Climate Change Dispatch, new information has been continually incorporated into the theory thereby substantiating its basic premises. The theory was considered “plausible,” and it was suggested that climate scientists should … Read more

Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God

Wall Street Journal The odds of life existing on another planet grow ever longer. Intelligent design, anyone? By ERIC METAXAS Dec. 25, 2014 4:56 p.m. ET In 1966 Time magazine ran a cover story asking: Is God Dead? Many have accepted the cultural narrative that he’s obsolete—that as science progresses, there is less need for … Read more

The CO2 Record in Plant Fossils

Plant fossils obtained from sedimentary rocks and peat deposits are a relatively new tool being used to unravel Earth’s carbon dioxide (CO2) history. Tiny pores on plant leaves and needles called stomata regulate carbon dioxide absorption and water vapor release. Stomata numbers decrease during times of high atmospheric CO2, and increase when atmospheric CO2 is … Read more

New paper finds strong evidence the Sun has controlled climate over the past 11,000 years, not CO2

Hockey Schtick Thursday, November 27, 2014 A paper published today in Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics finds a “strong and stable correlation” between the millennial variations in sunspots and the temperature in Antarctica over the past 11,000 years. In stark contrast, the authors find no strong or stable correlation between temperature and CO2 over … Read more

Climate Change Debate: Coming Soon to a School Near You

Allie Bidwell, US News A firefighter puts down hot spots on May 14 in San Marcos, Calif., after record heat helped fuel wildfires and caused mass evacuations in the greater San Diego area. Political debates surrounding climate change and creationism are now making their way into America’s schools, as more states are deciding whether to … Read more