Is Nuclear Fusion Finally Here?

Dr. Thomas Jarboe and assistant Derek Sunderland at the University of Washington discuss the advances they’ve made with the university’s Dynamak fusion reactor.

Steven Cowley believes fusion is the future of energy

Physicist Steven Cowley is certain that nuclear fusion is the only truly sustainable solution to the fuel crisis. He explains why fusion will work — and details the projects that he and many others have devoted their lives to, working against the clock to create a new source of energy.

Nuclear Fusion

A presentation on Fusion power by the Institute for Plasma Physics, Germany.

Lawrence Livermore National Labs NIF by CBS Sunday Morning

This is an excellent piece describing inertial laser fusion and NIF. However, NIF is under scrutiny in the scientific community in terms of its ability to achieve ignition timely given its sparse budget for civilian power development. NIF is primarily a NNSA project meant for weapons stock pile stewardship experimentation. More public visibility needs to … Read more

How will a fusion power plant work?

A school class in 2100: The futuristic lesson is backed up with documentary photos and animations and gives the viewer an entertaining survey of the principles, development and status of fusion research. Like the sun, a fusion power plant is to derive energy from fusion of atomic nuclei. To ignite the fusion fire one has … Read more

How NIF Works

The National Ignition Facility, located at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is the world’s largest laser system… 192 huge laser beams in a massive building, all focused down at the last moment at a 2 millimeter ball containing frozen hydrogen gas. The goal is to achieve fusion… getting more energy out than was used to create … Read more

Fusion Energy Production by Deuterium Particle Injection

This visualization was created using simulations run on the supercomputers at the National Center of Computational Sciences and shows the expected operation of the ITER fusion reactor. This reactor is currently being built by a global coalition in Cadarache, France and is expected to begin the first experiments in 2020. To produce fusion reactions, the … Read more

PJMIF as a Primary Propulsion Driver for Project Icarus

This is the video of a talk given by Dr. Sava Patilala at the 62nd International Astronautical Congress, in Cape Town, South Africa in 2011. He discusses project Icarus, which is to get a vehicle to the sun from the earth. The project proposes to use PJMIF to power the engines. download the video