Clay Electric Co-op selects OMNETRIC for MDM system integration 14 June 2017

OMNETRIC Group has been contracted by Clay Electric Cooperative, one of the largest cooperatives in the United States, to implement a meter data management system.

The meter data management system, which is based on Siemens EnergyIP and is currently being deployed as part of the co-op’s AMI rollout, is expected to enable Clay Electric improve its customer service, reliability and operational efficiency.

Clay Electric Cooperative, is said to be one of the largest cooperatives in the US, serving more than 170,000 members in north central Florida, selected OMNETRIC Group because of the its success with meter data management system integration at various small and large utilities, says a company release.

The release adds that Clay Electric Cooperative will be provided with a comprehensive meter data management system enabling it to run an improved customer billing process, one that aims to eventually include additional functionality, for example the ability to offer prepay options to members.

Leveraging meter data for outage management

It will also allow for future integration with the co-op’s outage management system, which will enable the it to access more accurate information about where potential outages might occur across its network.

As a non-for profit organisation, the co-op was looking for an experienced partner that could offer a streamlined process for accelerated project delivery and easier integration between the co-op’s hardware and software vendors, helping it reduce the cost of deployment.

Toby Moss, director of Information and Communication Technology at Clay Electric Cooperative, said: “We strive to continue delivering the best possible service to our members today, while utilising advanced tools and technologies to deliver the best possible solutions tomorrow. With OMNETRIC Group’s implementation of the meter data management solution based on Siemens Energy IP MDMS, we are now able to leverage more accurate network data to ensure our customer service and operations are the best they can be for our members.”

Kathy Shaffer, vice president, Smart Markets at OMNETRIC Group, also commented saying,“We were selected by Clay Electric Cooperative to help set it on the path to a more reliable and efficient future. Equipped with more information and intelligence about the grid itself and the electricity used, the co-op will be able to streamline its operations and meet the evolving needs of its members”.