ComEd launches online marketplace for customers 29 NOVEMBER 2016

ComEd has launched a new online shopping site that offers customers energy-saving products for their homes.

The site offers easy application of instant rebates that enable customers to save on energy-related products for their homes. Customers can also learn about and purchase energy-related products that save them time and money, such as LED lightbulbs, smart thermostats, water conservation devices, and more.

The Illinois-based utility views the launch of as a “major step forward in the creation of the ‘Utility of the Future’ – a new kind of utility that delivers not just energy, but serves as a platform to connect its customers with valuable products and services that can increase their comfort, convenience, and control.”

Anne Pramaggiore, president and CEO, ComEd, said: “The launch of ComEd Marketplace is a key step to building a premier, trusted customer experience. [ComEd praised for smart grid projects]

“In the near term, this service will enhance the customer experience by simply and effectively providing our customers with new ways to manage their home energy-use. Over time, the Marketplace will evolve as a cornerstone of our utility where our customers can transact with us and other parties for a wide range of energy-related products and services.”

ComEd customer service

According to a release, ComEd Marketplace offers instant, point-of-purchase rebates on a curated set of competitively-priced energy management products, integrated customer support, and end-to-end fulfillment.

ComEd customers are able to get up to $100 off smart thermostats such as the Nest Learning Thermostat or ecobee3, or up to $30 off recommended six-packs of LED light bulbs from popular brands such as Phillips and GE.

The ComEd Marketplace does not require customers to fill out any paperwork; the online marketplace involves a simple validation process that determines rebate eligibility at the same time a customer adds products to his or her cart. [ComEd customers now able to report outages via Twitter]

“The launch of the Marketplace is very exciting. Our goal is to provide a quality, convenient service to our customers that will help them make smart decisions about energy savings for their homes,” said Terence R. Donnelly, executive vice president and COO, ComEd.

“This idea evolved from one of our employee hubs designed to foster innovation and we envision that this platform will enable additional products and services in the future.”