Con Edison expands energy efficiency initiatives 12 SEPTEMBER 2016

US based designer of energy efficiency programmes Franklin Energy has been selected by power utility Con Edison to help customers reduce energy consumption and bills.

The Wisconsin-based solutions provider will help Con Edison deploy its energy efficiency programme, ‘Neighborhood’, in Brooklyn and Queens.

The two companies will install lighting solutions for utility’s 27,000 residential customers in the two New York state administrative divisions through to the end of 2017.

The programme aims to save 2,000KW of energy.

In addition to installing energy efficiency lighting technologies, Franklin Energy will also implement consumer awareness campaigns to increase customer knowledge on energy conservation.

The solutions provider claims that it will use its expertise in residential energy efficiency to help Con Edison customers lower their energy bills through energy management.

Energy efficiency is expected to help utilities ensure grid reliability, shift to using renewable energy sources at the same time avoid investing huge amounts of capital in power generation measures.

Greg Elcock, section manager of targeted demand management and energy efficiency at Con Edison, commented: “We’ve already started the process for this new program and I am confident it will end with the results we, and our customers, are aiming for.”

To ensure a successful deployment of the programme, Franklin Energy will expand its workforce at its office in Long Island city.

Con Edison and energy efficiency

In related news, ConEd partnered with energy storage firm Axiom Exergy to reduce power demand during peak periods and help owners of businesses decrease bills.

The utility said it will commit $5 million towards installation of Axiom Exergy’s thermal energy storage system in supermarkets and cold storage facilities in Brooklyn and Queens.

The initiative also falls under the utility’s Neighborhood programme and aims to help businesses manage energy usage, avoid food spoilage and help ensure grid stability. [Con Edison unveils energy efficiency platform]

In total, the project will install between 1.5MW and 2MW refrigeration battery storage systems and is expected to save 6MWh to 8MWh of energy during peak periods.

The solutions provider claims that its technology will help consumers reduce their peak electricity demand by 40%.

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