DTE Energy upgrades energy efficiency tool

Metering.com 27 APRIL 2016

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US power utility DTE Energy upgraded its energy efficiency tool ‘DTE Insight’ to help consumers reduce their power consumption and electricity bills.

The new feature allows customers to use the DTE Insight app to set an energy budget target, monitor their energy efficiency targets through access to daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy costs.

The app now connects mobile devices with smart gas and electric meters to allow consumers to receive notifications when they are approaching their targets.

DTE Energy upgraded its energy efficiency tool to help consumers reduce their power bills

In addition, the platform provides energy efficiency tips with step by step instructions and powerscans appliances to allow customers to view the monthly operating costs of a selected appliance.
DTE Energy claims the new feature allows the app to help consumers reduce power consumption by as much as 10% per month.

Joel Miller, DTE Insight program manager said the utility serving 3,4 million gas and power consumers in Michigan is “working to make the DTE Insight app experience better, and more useful.”

“The app navigation is also more user-friendly, including new ‘swipe’ functionality, allowing a customer to quickly move from one screen to the next when browsing energy and budget data,” added Miller. [DTE Energy gets city council approval for solar energy project]

Energy efficiency in the US

In other energy efficiency news, US energy provider ComEd plans to replace more than 18,000 streetlights with new smart-ready LED models to reduce power consumption in illinois.

The programme which falls under the utility’s Smart Ideas Energy Efficiency Project targets installation of the smart LED streetlights in more than 50 municipalities.

Commenting on the development, Val Jensen, senior vice president of Customer Operations at ComEd said: “Installing smart-ready streetlights is the first step in expanding smart city innovations that provide cleaner options, greater operational efficiencies and strengthen safety and security for our communities.”

The project is expected will help municipalities to reduce ComEd streetlight fees as the new lights consume only one third of power used by existing streetlights.

Furthermore, the lights are said have a longer life span. [EU develops online platform to bolster city energy efficiency]

The programme, free of charge to the municipalities, will include connecting the streetlights to a digital smart controller to allow a two-way communication with the municipality.

By so doing, municipalities are able to remote control the lights, allowing them to dim lights for energy savings and brighten or flash them.

The system will also allow municipalities to receive immediate notification if a lamp is in need of maintenance.