The First Nuclear Fusion Power Plant in the UK

transhumanist April 30, 2016

uk reactor

The UK is going to be the first country to release nuclear fusion power plant, which is going to be a massive contribution to the British Economy.

The Chinese limitless nuclear energy
In the beginning of February, the Scientists in China have announced that they have successfully produced Hydrogen gas which is three times hotter than the sun’s temperature in the core. Significantly, as reported by the scientists in China, they were able to maintain the hottest temperature of -50 million degrees Celsius for 102 seconds. The experiment was conducted as a big leap towards replacing the depletion of fossil fuels with unlimited nuclear energy motorized by the super-high temperature gas.

Wendelstein 7-X by the Germans
After the Chinese have made the news headline, the Germans followed the trend. A scientist at Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics created a nuclear fusion reactor and named this as the Wendelstein 7-X stellar fusion device. This device creates hydrogen plasma, which is going to be the first step towards creating nuclear fusion.

Why the Chinese and German Nuclear reactors could be failures?
As per the UK scientists the Chinese and the German creations are one of the finest and the most impressive creations. But, certainly these are not the smart nuclear fusion reactors for the future.

The great Chinese science is the new level of technology. But the process to create nuclear fusion energy is one of the conventional ways of using low-temperature superconductors.

While the German creation of the Wendelstein machine has taken those 10 years to create one machine. The vital drawback of this machine is its massive weight and huge size. Secondly, the machine carries with it very complex functional specifications.

The UK Nuclear Fusion Invention

The United Kingdom is going to be the first country ever that will produce nuclear fusion due to the availability of the fastest machine at home. Tokamak Energy is the one of the leading Energy companies and is the creators of the super powerful machines that produces nuclear fusion. This machine is available at the Culham University. The Jet Tokamak created an unbreakable record of producing power at 16 megawatts. The success of this unbelievable record is, due to the history of nuclear fusion research at this UK University and the mass activity in superconducting magnets.

Potential scope of UK’s Nuclear Fusion Reactors
This project opens up the way for employment for thousands of skilled and professional experts from various fields.

This deployment is ought to be completed by 2025. By 2030, this nuclear fusion reactor will be in the National grid. By 2050, the nuclear reactor will serve as the main source of electricity.

This project involves the cleaning up the environment and paves its way to clean green and healthier atmosphere and electricity.

This new great science deployment of Nuclear Fusion reactors is the usage of cutting-edge technology which will break through the fusion energy and not rests just by setting records but creates new records.