FirstEnergy launches campaign on energy efficiency 20 APRIL 2017

US utility holding firm FirstEnergy launched a multimedia campaign to brand itself as a company focused on helping its consumers improve their energy efficiency.

Under the campaign, FirstEnergy will create radio, television and billboard adverts highlighting services and programmes underway to help its customers reduce their energy usage and costs.

In a press statement, FirstEnergy said the adverts are meant to promote the use of its smart technologies, energy-efficiency programmes and bill-payment platforms including eBill by its six million customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey.

In addition to the adverts, the utility holding firm unveiled a new microsite to provide its customers with energy management tips.

Customers of FirstEnergy who visit the microsite will be directed to energy efficiency services and programmes being deployed by their local utility.

The campaign will run through to September 2017 and is expected to help the utility improve its customer engagement and services.

Gretchan Sekulich, vice president of communications and branding at FirstEnergy, said: “Today’s consumers are expecting more from the companies they work with, and that includes their energy provider.

“At FirstEnergy, we’re prioritising the things that matter most to our customers by helping them save money, increase energy efficiency and improve the value of their homes.”

First Energy owns 10 electric distribution companies with a total energy generation capacity of 17,000MW.

FirstEnergy and energy efficiency services

Meanwhile, FirstEnergy subsidiaries Mon Power and Potomac Edison expanded their energy efficiency programmes to residential consumers in West Virginia.

In a press statement, First Energy announced that its two subsidiaries will help their residential customers reduce their energy usage and bills by participating in the programmes.

Previously, the two utilities deployed the energy efficiency programmes to business consumers and a few qualifying low-income customers.

Under the energy efficiency programme, customers of the two utilities in West Virginia will be provided with energy efficient kits comprising items such as energy efficient light bulbs, faucet aerators and furnace whistles.

The kit will contain information about energy efficiency.

Mon Power and Potomac Edison will also provide online and telephonic energy audits to help their 525,000 customers to practice build more energy-efficient habits. [FirstEnergy plans DR measures for Pennsylvania customers]

The two utility companies will provide rebates and incentives for the purchase and installation of high-efficiency home appliances.

Image credit: Shutterstock.