Fusion: How to Put the Sun in a Magnetic Bottle – with Ian Chapman

By Royal Institution, Jun 8, 2016

Fusion energy has the potential to be one of the most important scientific breakthroughs. Physicist Ian Chapman explores the challenges in nuclear fusion and explains how the international ITER project hopes to demonstrate that fusion energy can be realised here on Earth.

Ian Chapman received his MSc in Mathematics and Physics from Durham University in 2004 and his PhD in plasma physics from Imperial College London in 2008. He joined Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in 2004, rising to become the Head of Tokamak Science in 2014. He now leads a team of 100 scientists in both experimental plasma physics, primarily on MAST and JET but also collaborating worldwide on other fusion facilities, and theory and modelling research. Before that, from 2010-2014 he led the Stability programme within Tokamak Science.

His research has been recognised with a number of international awards, including the European Physical Society Early Career Prize in 2014, the Institute of Physics Paterson Medal (Best Early Career Physicist in Applied Physics) in 2013, the IUPAP Plasma Physics Young Scientist Prize in 2012 and the Cavendish Medal for Best early-career UK physicist awarded by SET for Britain in 2011.