Genesis and the Big Bang – the Video

A lecture by Dr. Gerald Schroeder on “Genesis and the Big Bang Theory”, which resolves the apparent conflict of the Genesis account of creation and scientific dating of the universe.

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The above lecture by Dr. Schroeder is part of a vintage lecture series produced in the mid-2000s. Since that time Dr. Schroeder has refined his estimated age of the universe to be slightly older than 13.6 billion years as explained in this October 2013 updated paper titled: “The Age of the Universe: One truth as seen from two vastly different perspectives and both true”

The paper was updated after Dr. Schroeder gave a lecture at AZUSA Pacific University. Tom Tamarkin, creator of this Fusion4Freedom website was with Dr. Schroeder at the time and participated in the conversation leading to the update. Two days before, Mr. Tamarkin was with Dr. Schroeder when he gave a lecture in Marina del Ray, California wherein he discussed evolution in classical scientific terms. He also discussed the fact that man is a product of evolution and the biblical break was with the creation of “The Adam” It was after these two lectures that Mr. Tamarkin asked Dr. Schroeder to write the “Nefesh & Neshamah” paper for Fusion4Freedom. This is the fundamental reason why we have not proven, developed, and commercialized fusion to date.