Letter to Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Google

USCL letterhead

June 2, 2015

Mr. Larry Page, President & CEO
Mr. Sergey Brin, Co-founder
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, California 94043

Ref: World Wide Prosperity Through Abundant Energy Google Presentation

Dear Messrs. Page & Brin:

This subject matter of this letter is of profound importance. An approach is laid out for Google to be the catalyst to solve energy for millennium to come. This can and will become the “Apollo moon shot project” of the 21st century. Google can be the lead partner in the EnergyCite™ consortium to develop and demonstrate fusion energy on behalf of the U.S. utility industry.

There is nothing more important that Google can do for mankind than to be the catalysts to correctly solve energy over the next decade. This helps bring 1.5 billion people into the 21st century who do not currently have electricity, let alone running water and health care. And it begins to equalize standards of living the world over. Doing so takes climate change off the serious discussion table because it takes us off fossil fuels sooner than later!

I have laid out how and why Google can do this in a simple 8 slide on-line presentation. Several of the slides have links to a secondary set of slides. And a tertiary set of links is supplied for the deeper details for due diligence teams. Most links are to documents on the https://www.fusion4freedom.com website. Any off site links are safe and secure.

Being sensitive to Google’s concerns about going to another Website, feel free to google my name, Tom Tamarkin first. I am a credible person and the “inventor” of the utility “smart meter” going back to 1991. You will note I am the founder and president of USCL Corporation and you will see that one of my partners in this project is the Hollywood icon singer and actor, Pat Boone whose honesty is beyond question.

Reference is made to the recent announcement by Google that the current green & renewable energy sources are a good first step but are not adequate to power our modern world and arrest climate change and the looming depletion of economically viable fossil fuel reserves.

In fact this very announcement by Dr. Ross Koningstein & David Fork concluded by suggesting that a disruptive form of fusion (aneutronic) was the probable realistic solution. Fusion is the only realistic solution.

The consortium’s approach to developing fusion involves working with various scientific partners including Los Alamos National Laboratory on a magnetized target inertial fusion approach we call Plasma Jet Magneto Inertial Fusion (PJMIF.)

Coupling Google’s search engine and information products with the now ubiquitous utility smart meters to provide up to the second energy use and cost information, in combination with interactive energy resource management video games for all consumers, will generate excitement among the public and garner cooperation from utility companies across the nation.

Furthermore, this integrates nicely with Google’s Nest division and smart thermostat which is described in a section explaining our IP which will be licensed to utility companies.

Google can take a leading role in bringing our world together in the spirit of peace and prosperity based on virtually unlimited inexpensive energy for all peoples and nations.

I would like the opportunity to come to the Bay area and meet with one or both of you and discuss this issue as soon as possible. I will work around your schedule, 24 hours a day, any day of the week. This is a matter of the utmost importance, potentially to Google and certainly to all mankind.

Tom Tamarkin
Tomer (Tom) Tamarkin

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