Honeywell enters $250m smart meter deal with Entergy 25 OCTOBER 2016

Energy management solutions provider Honeywell announced that it has been selected to help utility companies owned by Entergy to improve customer services.

In a press statement, Honeywell said it will supply some 2.3 million smart meters to help Entergy utilities operating in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas to improve their grid management.

The $250 million deal falls under efforts by Entergy to ensure that its subsidiaries reduce power outages through quick detection using data provided by smart meters.

In addition, the project will ensure Entergy customers improve their energy management, reduce energy usage and costs through access to real-time energy usage data.

Entergy is using the contract to help its subsidiaries optimise their revenue collection through accurate power billing. The advanced meters are expected to help the utility firms reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating manual meter readings done using motor vehicles.

Installation of the smart meters is expected to begin in 2019 through to 2021.

In total, Entergy said it is need of 2.9 million advanced meters.

Rob Tupker, president of the smart energy division at Honeywell, said: “The advanced meter project with Entergy is the latest example of how keeping the lights on for customers doesn’t have to be complicated—or costly—if the right technology is in place.”

The project falls under efforts by Entergy to modernise its grid infrastructure to meet customer, environmental and grid demands in future. [Louisiana firm to deploy Silver Spring networking platform].

Smart meter deployment

In early October, Honeywell got selected by Mexico’s state utility Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) to help CFE continue modernising and stabilizing grids in east and southeast regions.

Under the agreement, Honeywell will deploy more than 200,000 smart electricity meters, with communications devices and software analytics tool to seven cities in the utilities east and southeast regions.

Honeywell has to date, provided more than one million meters to CFE since 1992 in a bid to reduce costs and boost energy efficiency for 35 million customers.

The smart meter deployment will include the installation of 700,000 smart meters – for residential and commercial customers as part of multiple network upgrades in all of the utility’s 16 regional divisions in Mexico.

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