Indra-Intel launch new IOT gateway

Bringing Intelligence to the Edge:
Indra and Intel

If you can imagine in a world in which you can communicate with your refrigerator, your TV and your home alarm, you are visualising the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) – the concept of connecting devices, be they large power transformers, smart meters, pacemakers or even front door sensors, to the Internet in order to monitor, engage with and optimise their use through the data they are able to provide.

That world is closer to being a reality than you might imagine.

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From last year:

Intel and Indra join forces to aid Internet of Things deployments July 6, 2015

US-based multinational technology company Intel and Spanish information technology and defence systems company Indra, have signed an agreement for the joint development of Internet of Things solutions supporting smart energy deployments worldwide.

Under the agreement, Indra will integrate Intel’s family of processors and Indra gateways into Indra’s smart energy platform for managing Internet of Things and Industrial Internet devices.

Intel claims that the technology ‘will enable offering higher performance and capacity services with lower consumption and cost’ for applications such as smart home, smart metering, energy services and active demand management.

The Spanish company said that the agreement completes the development of its Internet of Things and Power-II (InGRID and iSPEED) frameworks.

The InGRID and iSPEED frameworks form the basis upon which different, sector-specific solutions are already available, such as Indra’s advanced system for distribution network management (InGRID.ADMS), for optimising the operation of distribution networks and aiding the evolution towards smart grids, and other specific solutions for energy services.

Perceptions around privacy of Internet of Things tech

In a study conducted by US research and advisory firm Altimeter Group, analysts identified three trends into the digitalization of the physical world – commonly referred to as the Internet of Things phenomenon and consumers’ perceptions around the security of IoT devices.

Jessica Groopman, Industry analyst at Altimeter Group highlighted several key findings.

The study revealed that consumers are ‘anxious’ about the use and sales of their data. Groopman added that ‘massive gulf’ between consumer awareness and industry practices when it comes to privacy.
Secondly, the wave of the Internet of Things brings with it, great opportunity for companies to cultivate more trusted customer relationships, when engaging in transparent transaction with regard to consumers’ data.

Thirdly, Groopman notes that more research needs to be done with regard to impact of the Internet of Things on customer experience and deepen understanding around privacy, consent, value exchange, and relationship with technology.