The IPN works to create nuclear fusion technology by Claudia Rodriguez | July 4, 2016

building a reactor is intended laboratory scale Tokamak

As part of the international effort to create new sources of renewable energy, the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) works with scientists from Mexico and the world to create new sources of alternative energy, through the development of technologies applicable to a reactor experimental nuclear fusion .

Dr. Martin de Jesús Nieto Perez, the Center for Research in Applied Science and Advanced Technology (CICATA), Unit Queretaro, said that nuclear fusion is in a phase of finding no scientific feasibility, but engineering and technology, to prevent global energy crisis.

“There are multinational and international efforts to develop this clean energy source because the payoff would be enormous. It is a source of energy where fuel is distributed evenly, given that this type of process a natural isotope of hydrogen (deuterium) is used and therefore wherever there is water will have fuel, “he said.

The polytechnic expert said they are focused on reviving the construction of a nuclear fusion reactor Tokamak type scale (a concept that originated in Russia in the early 50s) laboratory. For this purpose they are in search of opportunities for financial support and have a hundred percent.

Pérez Nieto explained that scale studies have been conducted involving graduate students to estimate the cost and operational characteristics of small prototype nuclear fusion reactor in the IPN. “We have not yet reached the stage where we can consider the operating machine, but with the construction of these prototypes is guaranteed that in the future all countries of the world will have personnel needed to build, install and operate future commercial reactors knowledge “.

He said that Mexico can not linger in research and development in this field. “We worry about having specialists who are familiar with this technology and help solve the difficulties that still exist around fusion machines”.

That’s why researchers Martin de Jesus and Gonzalo Alonso Ramos Lopez and graduate students Dulce Maria de Guadalupe Ventura, Francisco Ceballos, Daniel Hernandez and Miguel Lindero, the CICATA, along with collaborators from the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM) and the National Institute for Nuclear Research (ININ) make an effort to keep alive this field, still in its infancy in the country, but can not be ignored by the enormous impact of fusion energy would represent for the development not only of the nation but of all mankind.

The IPN has been a tireless promoter in the development of nuclear fusion in the country, this process began over 30 years ago electronic engineer Mario Vazquez Reyna, who headed the physics program plasmas at ININ and professor of graduate in the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (ESIME) Zacatenco, but his effort was stopped after his untimely death.

Now, again the IPN, through CICATA Queretaro, seeks to maintain the research of new ideas for improving machinery, train new students and manage funds to operate the Tokamak alive.