Iran’s Plans to Develop Nuclear Fusion Project

Khorasan News Sunday 5 July 2015

Says Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi in Interview . .

Nuclear Fusion Project is one of the most important and strategic projects that have been well developed by Iranian researchers in recent years in Nuclear Sciences and Techniques Research Center of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency, along with the world’s developed countries, with the aim of getting access to unlimited sources of energy. Nuclear Fusion is the source which provides energy for stars and can basically be an unlimited source of energy and the most environmentally safe type of energy. In this regard, Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency Dr. Salehi, in an exclusive interview with Khorasan Newspaper, said: “Nuclear Fusion Project is one of the most glorious projects of the country and has developed very fast and its most important part or feature lies in its human resources and creativities.

Mentioning that about 80 prominent Nuclear Fusion experts have been trained inside the country, Salehi said: “Now, we are training experts in the area of Nuclear Fusion and we have already trained 80 people and this trend is going to continue.”

“The Deputy for Management Development and Human Resources of the Atomic Energy Agency has promised that the project shall be well financed… We consider Atomic energy a new source of energy which is only 50 years old and is regarded a clean type of energy” added Salehi, referring to the point that Nuclear Fusion project as one of the main projects of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency.

“Imagine. Now we are using 40 thousand MWs of Electricity in our peak time which means 280 million tons of green house gas entering the atmosphere. We can easily stop the emission of this amount of gas by using nuclear technology and as a result witness better climate for the country” Salehi added.

Referring to the issue of Iran’s recurrent draught problem in recent years, he also said: “Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for draught is the emission of greenhouse gases which can increase the country’s temperature by one degree which can have drastic effects for the country’s environment.”

Mentioning the reasons why Iran is paying attention to nuclear technology, Salehi said: “Access to new technologies and preparing the new generations for entering the world of new technologies are among the most important reasons why our country is paying special attention to nuclear technology. If we do not enter the area of nuclear fission, we cannot enter the area of nuclear fusion. In order to pass from fission to fusion, we need to gain mastery over fission, train our man power and then enter the area of fusion.

According to Dr. Salehi, Nuclear Fusion is man’s latest answer to find an unlimited source of energy which is being followed by Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency seriously and the project has had a developmental tendency.

– This interview in Persian