Landis+Gyr upgrades GridStream AMI solution February 11, 2016

smart meter connectivity

Global energy management company Landis+Gyr this week announced the launch of a communications platform capable of connecting multiple grid deployed AMI solutions.

In a statement, Landis+Gyr said the launch of its grid router is a major advancement in adaptability and processing power for the network connecting the Gridstream suite of AMI, Distribution Intelligence and Customer Intelligence solutions.

Landis+Gyr claims the device, which acts as a grid-edge server, directs and processes data to and from multiple head-end systems and smart community networks at once.

The energy management company, which operates in 30 countries, said the grid router utilising the Linux operating system provides high-speed connectivity between AMI solutions and grid equipments.

Steven Schamber, vice president of AMI Solutions at Landis+Gyr, said: “The new grid router expands GridStream’s grid management by bringing connectivity to other related networks and devices in a way that serves the broader energy management goals of utilities and the communities they serve.”

Landis+Gyr believes the development will allow utilities to implement energy efficiency and increased grid management measures thereby improving grid reliability and efficiency.

Smart grid applications

The launch of grid router comes at a time when Landis+Gyr has in stock hundreds of smart grid applications developed to support over 50 types of intelligent devices operating on firm’s network.

Landis+Gyr said the applications include those designed to address automated event monitoring and reporting in distribution devices to information sharing between load management devices, meters and consumer devices.

Schamber reiterated: “The business case for distributed intelligence is being validated every day, and with the expanded capabilities of the grid router, the possibilities for improving performance of critical tasks are unlimited.

“The growing intranet of the grid is well positioned to support the transition to more efficient and diverse energy future.”

Landis+Gyr in US grids managements

The launch of grid router follows last week’s selection of Landiis+Gyr by power utility Seattle City Light for the provision of its AMI solution for utility’s enhanced grid management.

In a press statement, Seattle City Light said it will integrate Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream AMI solution that includes a multi-purpose radio frequency network, advanced meters and a meter data management system.

Under the contract, the two agreed will complete installation of communications infrastructure and meter testing by the end of 2016 to allow kick-start of the large scale rollout in mid-2017.

Landis+Gyr also agreed will operate and maintain the advanced metering system infrastructure.

Jim Baggs, Interim General Manager said: “… [the]advanced meters will allow our customers to see how much electricity they are using and what it costs them so they can make informed decisions. It will improve our response to power outages. And it will help the utility be more efficient, which will help to hold down electricity costs for our customers.”

In addition, Landis+Gyr’s advanced grid analytics will allow intelligence in Seattle City Light’s grid including automation of water and gas meters, and streetlights.

“During an extensive request for proposals process, Landis+Gyr demonstrated that they offer the best AMI solution for modernizing City Light’s metering technology,” Baggs added

Prasanna Venkatesan, Executive Vice President, Americas at Landis+Gyr said the network management and grid analytics will help speed the transition to a more intelligent and responsive grid for improved customer engagement, reliability and operational efficiency.