Letter to Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu

F4F letterhead

January 4, 2015

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
The State of Israel
3 Kaplan St. Hakirya
Jerusalem 91950 Israel
Ref: Proclamation to the World By American And Israeli People to Correctly Solve Energy Through Fusion Power Development

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu:

We met in California with Mr. Dan Senor, author of “Start-up Nation; The Story of Israel”s Economic Miracle,” prior to your assuming office in 2009. We spent a few minutes discussing the electrical grid infrastructure as a matter of national security and we discussed nuclear power. More importantly we discussed Israel’s former Minister of Science and Energy, Dr. Yuval Ne’eman, and his advice to the Knesset in the late 1970s & early 80s. Professor Ne’eman strongly advocated that Israel unilaterally develop fusion power. When I mentioned this to you, your response was “yes I know.”

As you know, and we discussed, there are two kinds of nuclear power. Dr. Shalom Eliezer of Rehovot, Israel who worked with Professor Ne’eman calls them “The Good” meaning Fusion and “The Ugly” meaning today’s current fission.

Israel as the light to all nations must play a key role in bringing “The Good” fusion to mankind while her neighbors exploit “The Bad” meaning fossil fuels to finance jihad. Other countries such as Iran are intent on developing “The Ugly” not for peaceful energy but to annihilate countries including, but not limited to Israel. Thus Dr. Eliezer states Energy comes in three forms, “The Good,” “The Bad,” and “The Ugly” as he describes in this discussion from Rehovot. Israel must contrast this good versus evil and allow the world to understand the issues.

America should have had fusion power developed and on-line by 2005. It failed but not due to science. It failed due to incompetence in Washington DC coupled with corporate greed and corruption based on the “green energy myth” driven by the UN’s incorrect assertions regarding “global warming” caused by man and their corollary “Agenda 21” & “Sustainability Movement.”

As I stated to Governor Mitt Romney in person, and as summed up in the enclosed letter to him in Hebrew and English, it is critical for Americans to learn that global warming is not threatening; that base-load power from green energy based on solar, wind, and the like is total narishkyte; and the only realistic solution to solving energy to sustain the worldwide population by 2050 is fusion energy.

America’s government has mismanaged fusion development for the last 3 decades. This is laid out in detail with authority and credibility in the Web site we set up: https://fusion4freedom.com. Much of the important material on this Web site is in Hebrew including the “Who Killed Fusion?” section. Therefore it is now critical that the American people together with the Israeli people, learn and understand these issues, and collectively resolve to complete the needed fusion experimental scientific research and engineering to get this done. Furthermore, it is critical that much of this be done in Israel. I propose that it be done as a permanent long term project in Ariel, Israel and that the entire world know this.

We have a well-conceived plan to finance this work. And most importantly we have drafted a “Proclamation to The World by the American & Israeli People ” and published it in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.

To reiterate, this must be done and it must be done “by the people” in both countries. It will not be done by the government. I was with my dear friend Ariel City Mayor Ron Nachman, of blessed memory, in his living room 4 weeks before he passed away from cancer. I promised him with Amalia Ishak, leading Israeli opera soprano by my side, that we would not give up and we would move forward and make Israel a light to all nations with Ariel as its focus. Please go to my article “Determined to Bring a Future of Hope” to learn about our strategy and background in Ariel, going back to 2006.

Why Ariel? As I related to you in our California meeting, Mayor Ron Nachman taught me the lesson that Ariel is outside of the general governmental jurisdiction of the State of Israel from Jerusalem. This point hit home when I was in the Minister of Communication’s office with Ron Nachman and the Minister finally looked at all of us and said: “Ron, it is Ariel. You can do whatever you want there and our approval is not needed … ” Contrast this to the story you related in our California meeting about the permitting and zoning for the new hotel in Jerusalem that dragged on for 10 years as well as the issues which have halted our dream of the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem. If you recall I was at the “groundbreaking ceremony” in Jerusalem with you, then Minister of the Economy, Ehud Olmert, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I have met Yigal Cohen Orgad several times in Tel Aviv & Ariel in his capacity of Chancellor of the Ariel University. I will be updating him on our proposal status presently.

Part of our project strategy is to bring a little bit of Israel into almost every home in America, daily, real time. This is done by coupling energy information, utility power use and home owner’s bills on their PC or smart phone along with subliminal positive Israeli messages … .and progress on the proposed decade long project in Ariel to demonstrate fusion and work towards its commercialization. In California we discussed this briefly with regard to the “smart utility meters” and advanced tariffs meant to reduce critical peak demand. Our company has key patents on this technology in the U.S. and Israel. Revenue from the licensing of these patents to utility companies and others like Google, Apple, Samsung, and the like will be invested in this project to develop fusion.

Our plan is to form a consortium of energy companies, utility companies, and individuals who will become the owners of the IP. Thus, no one company or government will own fusion power but rather the people will own fusion. This is a long term cooperative effort.

Finally and in light of Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi 1 January 2015 speech calling for Islam reform, our paper titled “The Petro-Islamists Threat; Can the World be Saved?” is critical to the long term stability of the Middle East and worldwide peace.

I would like to come to Israel soon and further brief you on this project and begin the process of turning this in to reality. To quote Theodor Herzl: “If you will it, it is no dream.” We will do this which is the path to world peace with Israel as a light to all nations. Please respond with a date we could meet briefly. Thank you.

Tom Tamarkin
Tomer (Tom) Tamarkin

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