Nuclear Fusion: Reacting To Commercialization

Successful entrepreneurs including Peter Thiel, Paul Allen, and Jeff Bezos are investing in innovative nuclear fusion startup companies, such as Helion Energy, Tri-Alpha, and General Fusion. Lockheed Martin is building a compact fusion reactor prototype, looking at future markets. These approaches are leaner and evolve faster than large government or international fusion projects.

Startups may now apply AI to accelerate nuclear fusion. Innovative physics and AI technology provide nuclear fusion moon shots an opportunity to change the world, disrupting future markets with cost-effective abundant energy.

The race to commercialization is accelerating, as investors make socially responsible long-term commitments. While each machine is modest compared to government or international efforts, their results point to multiple paths for commercialization of nuclear fusion.

TUE, NOVEMBER 14, 2017, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM PST

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Come listen to a panel drawn from the frontier of commercialization of nuclear fusion.

  • Learn innovative commercial approaches to Nuclear Fusion
  • Understand Socially Responsible Investing Options
  • Ask your questions of the Pioneers!

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Rachel Slaybaugh, APRA-E Program Director and Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley


Michel Laberge, Founder and Chief Scientist, General Fusion
Matthew Thompson, Director of Physics, Tri Alpha Energy
Tom McGuire, Research Engineer and Scientist, Lockheed Martin

Ray Rothrock, Former General Partner, Venrock, Chair of NVCA, and CEO of Redseal


William R. Hewlett Teaching Center, Room 200
370 Serra Mall, Stanford University
Stanford, CA

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