Nuclear Fusion to replace fossil fuels

Business Recorder Feb. 3, 2017

Nuclear fusion is a technology based on the natural reactions constantly taking place on the surface of our Sun producing an infinite fuel source with almost zero carbon emissions, happening as two atoms of hydrogen are fused together under extreme temperatures to produce another element, helium.

The process as a result produces an ample amount of clean energy through a limitless source of fuel without emitting any carbon whatsoever. However, the quandary is that it has yet to be done on a scale that would make it useful for any practical purposes.

Nonetheless, Canadian Scientists are now working towards changing that, as they have announced plans to harness and create nuclear fusion technology and have a working proto-type fusion plant by 2030.

Still waiting for government funding, according to a report prepared by the University of Alberta and the University of Saskatchewan and several other companies – titled Fusion 2030, the group needs an estimated amount of $96 million USD, to bring about the nuclear fusion technology to reality.

Michael Delage, chief technology officer at General Fusion tells foreign media, “Theres an opportunity here … we need to see an investment in research capacity and academia in order to make sure were producing the graduates with the skills that can contribute in this field.”

The funding is not planned to be directed solely towards General Fusion but to be distributed amongst several research groups, universities and organizations that share the same vision as them.

The report states that [once] the prototype plant is ready, private companies shall look to commercializing the technology. The technology we are using is an approach that we think has inherent cost advantages to do it. Once you build one of these and it begins to become commercially viable, we think we can be competitive with the grid,” says Delage.

During the times, when our reliance on fossil fuels has essentially took its toll on the planet, it most definitely is high time we put serious consideration into ideas that give us more sustainable energy ergo a cleaner atmosphere.

“The clean energy source is available just about anywhere in the world – you can extract it from water. Its something that we can build anywhere,” Delage further added.