OG&E launches new customer engagement options

Metering.com 1 DECEMBER 2017

US energy provider, Oklahama Gas & Electric (OG&E), has expanded its customer communications suite.

OG&E announced its new customer engagement option ‘myOGEalerts’, which will enable them to use text, email and phone to send notifications regarding service delivery.

Terena Boyer, director customer operations, commented: “On average during a one-year period, customers have power 99.97 percent of the time.

“When and if outages occur, we know the more information we can provide, the better informed our customers are. Adding push alerts takes our outage communications to the next level.”

OG&E and power outages

The new option will allow consumers to report outages by calling the 24-hour outage line as well as access an online outage map WatchTM.

OG&E plans to expand the communications suite by including billing and bill payment notifications.

Consumers with an online account with OG&E will be automatically registered with the new communications option to receive notifications via email. Customers will choose whether they want to receive notifications via text and phone calls.

Each customer with an online account will be able to add in five family members or next of kins who will receive updates.

Consumers without an online account can sign up to one to register for ‘myOGEalerts’.

The initiative forms part of efforts by OG&E to improve services to its 840,000 customers.

Ensuring consumers improve their energy efficiency to keep energy bills low is one of OG&E’s priorities in improving customer services.

The utility donated 25,000 LED lights which are being distributed through the River Valley Regional Food Bank.

The energy efficient bulbs will be distributed to residential consumers in western Arkansas throughout 2018. OG&E included slips with energy saving tips to accompany the LED bulbs.

The 10W LED bulbs produce 800 lumens, equivalent to light produced by a 60W bulb.

Customer engagement and energy management

The news follows Tenaga Nasional Berhad, the only electric utility company in Peninsular Malaysia, launching a home energy management system (HEMS) to help consumers improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

The system was launched through the utility’s subsidiary, TNB Energy Services.

The online tool will enable consumers to monitor and manage their energy bills, through remote operation of home appliances. Read more