PG&E updates online marketplace for energy efficient household appliances 21 APRIL 2017

PG&E updates online marketplace for energy efficient household appliances

US utility Pacific Gas and Electric has announced the launch of the updated PG&E Marketplace with a new user interface and design.

According to a release, PG&E Marketplace is an easy and user-friendly website for customers to find energy-saving appliances and consumer electronics.

PG&E Marketplace allows customers to identify energy-efficient products and appliances from many of their favorite retailers. Information about these appliances are updated daily.

The release adds that PG&E Marketplace includes products that offer its customers rebates including pool pumps, electric water heaters and gas water heaters in 2017.

Vincent Davis, senior director of energy efficiency at PG&E, said: “PG&E Marketplace is one more way that we’re helping customers save energy at home. By making it easy for them to explore energy-efficient appliances and electronics, our customers can make smart choices for a big difference on their energy bills and also for the environment.”

New features, expanded product choice

The utility says that on the newly launched site, customers can now save their searches, designate favorite products and choose to receive email alerts when the price of a product drops or to be updated on products they are interested in.

PG&E also added new products to the site including tablets, monitors, projectors, connected home devices, dishwashers and dehumidifiers.

When visiting the online Marketplace, customers are able to view the Energy Score of the product to help compare individual models – the higher the score, the more energy the customer will save.

Customers are also able to view the “clear cost” of the product, which is the cost of buying a product plus the estimated cost of running it for its lifetime including energy costs.

The site can be used to do cost comparisons of similar products as well as view specific details about products and user reviews aggregated from retail sites.

Furthermore, eligible PG&E rebates on select products, which are easily accessible on the website. Customers can also find local stores where the product is available.

Image credit: 123rf