PNM selects Comverge for rollout of DR initiative 11 APRIL 2017

The Public Service of New Mexico (PNM) selected cloud-based energy conservation solutions provider Comverge for the rollout of a demand response programme.

In a combined statement, Comverge said it was selected to manage the utility’s demand response project with targets to save 60MW during peak periods over a period of five years.

The demand response project is set to begin in 2018 and will target residential and small business customers once it secures regulatory approval.

Under the demand response initiative, Comverge will equip customers of PNM with Wi-Fi thermostats as well as deploy its IntelliSOURCE Enterprise software and Customer app.

The IntelliSOURCE Enterprise software will enable PNM to remotely communicate energy reduction orders to thermostats installed for participating consumers.

The IntelliSOURCE Customer app will be used by consumers to reduce their energy consumption by remotely managing the energy usage of their thermostats. Through the app, customers of PNM will receive tips on how to improve their energy efficiency.

Comverge will only be compensated when it achieves targets set under the contract. [‘New Mexican’ utility selects Itron to modernise its grid]

Demand response project planning

Meanwhile, the state’s energy regulator New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC) permitted utility firm El Paso Electric (EPE) to implement its proposed demand response pilot project.

EPE said it will use the trial programme to avoid straining its grid network during peak demand periods by promoting consumers to use less energy during times when demand is high.

The demand response project will be deployed over a period of three years as from this June, will include some 3,000 participants and will be implemented during the months of June through to September.

The demand response pilot programme will only enroll residential and small business consumers with smart thermostat controlled air conditioning systems in Dona, Ana, Sierra, Otero, Luna counties and West Texas.

The pilot falls under efforts by EPE to ensure grid reliability by reducing the total energy used in cooling residential homes and small business apartments during summer.

Consumers who choose to enroll in the programme will receive a $125 enrollment bonus and a yearly incentive of $25.

Image credit: 123rf.