Power Masters™ Game Series

An ancient civilization is visited by celestial travelers. These aliens from another galaxy offer your city forms of power in exchange for gold. The game objective is to acquire more gold and power resources to expand your city and its population. Your game starts with a set amount of free gold bars. You can acquire additional gold bars in several ways.

1. Win them through game play.
2. Received them as gifts from other players.
3. Purchase them with real money.
4. Get bonus gold bars from the use of your smart meter device.
When you start the game you will create a small city. Once you’ve set up your infrastructure you are ready for visitors or invaders.

When the first set of alien visitors land, you can open the shop menu to trade gold for power items. In the first level, you will have the option of purchasing steam powered engines. These engines can power your city or your defenses. Power sources can be part of defense equipment or can power the city, in which case they should be protected.

Since you have limited resources at first, you should try to protect your new power sources, so that your enemies don’t raid them. Power allows you to train power soldiers or utilize power workers to build up your city faster. You must provide camps for these workers with adequate power supplies in order for them to be effective. Using gold wisely is the key to succeeding in the game before expanding the city. Without adequate power resources, a larger city is more at risk.

Invaders will come, so you will need to deploy power soldiers when an attack occurs, The Aliens will not interfere with the battles of primitive civilizations. You must use resources effectively as they become available to you to continue to expand your empire. You may suffer loses in battle .in which case you will need to rebuild damages and replenish casualties. If you win battles you will climb to higher levels. Higher levels will allow you to have greater resources, and your enemies will become more challenging.

PowerMasters™ Game profits will be used to fund our comprehensive fusion energy plan making it Americas 21st Century moonshot project

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