Texas-New Mexico Power AMI migrates to Itron Total Outcomes

Metering.com 12 APRIL 2017

Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) will migrate its entire AMI system, including meter data management and data collection, as well as analytics to be managed by Itron.

According to a release, the move will allow TNMP to keep its resources focused on core business operations.

TNMP is an electricity transmission and distribution service provider to about 245,000 homes and businesses spread across 13,000-square miles of diverse and non-contiguous service territory in Texas.

To achieve a services-based strategy for its AMI solution, the utility is able to call upon an expert team to manage the system and mitigate any issues, ensuring successful AMI operations. Itron will handle data collection, data storage, network operations and upgrades, endpoint monitoring and meter reading exports for billing. Itron will also deliver analytic reports that identify likely cases of energy diversion.

“It’s advantageous to have a partner that has the expertise to operate and maintain these systems on our behalf so we can do what we do best by focusing on our core operations,” said Bobby Roberts, AMI programme manager at TNMP.

Roberts added: “Managed services helps us create additional value for our company and our customers.”

“AMI solutions can be complex, but running them doesn’t have to be. That’s why we offer managed services with Itron Total Outcomes. We look forward to helping TNMP realize the benefits of managed services so they can focus on efficiently improving performance,” said Bruce Douglas, senior vice president and general manager of software and services at Itron.

“With Itron Total Outcomes, TNMP gets more than just a dedicated, insightful team—they get a strategic partner and consultant who is helping them deliver the outcomes their business demands.”

Public Service of New Mexico demand response

Meanwhile, the Public Service of New Mexico (PNM) selected cloud-based energy conservation solutions provider Comverge for the rollout of a demand response programme.

In a combined statement, Comverge said it was selected to manage the utility’s demand response project with targets to save 60MW during peak periods over a period of five years.

The demand response project is set to begin in 2018 and will target residential and small business customers once it secures regulatory approval.