The Green Corruption Files Archive

by Christine Lakatos

EnergyCite® & USCL Corp have entered into an agreement to sponsor Christine Lakatos and her Green Corruption Files. Since 2012, Ms. Lakatos has been researching and writing about issues regarding corruption in the U.S. government and business world related to green & “renewable” energy and its principal driver, AGW-climate change. Over 70 detailed well researched articles have been written. Initially these were published on Ms. Lakatos’s blog site. EnergyCite® is now in the process of republishing the entire series of articles for inclusion in its Fuel R Future and Fusion 4 Freedom websites as well as her new website sponsored by us.

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This is an extensive project as we are also developing a relational database for the series of articles. Articles will be published from most recent to earliest. The speed at which this will be completed is dependent on resource allocation and funding.

In the interim a complete list of her articles follows with a link to her blog. Following the link to her blog takes you off our site however you should be able to back arrow to this page.

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Green Corruption Files Favorites


Inside Job: Export-Import Bank financing themselves, their friends and Obama-Clinton wealthy ‘green’ cronies

Media Frenzy Over ABC George Stephanopoulos’ Undisclosed Clinton Foundation Donations: What about the PBS connections?

Back to the Future: A sneak peek into Hillary Clinton’s climate change cronies

Energy Department Fuels More Corporate Welfare: Awards politically connected corporate giant Alcoa $259 million ‘green’ car loan

Climate Change: The Obama Regime’s never-ending fear mongering campaign

Obama Administration Fueling Friends and Failure: At least $10 billion of taxpayer money blown on ‘green’ cars, NOT so ‘green’

Two Big White House ‘Green’ Cronies Unite: First Wind scored over $700 million of stimulus funds, now being acquired by SunEdison


Not Enough Sun Shining at California Ivanpah Solar Plant: $1.6 billion shady stimulus deal tied to numerous wealthy Obama cronies now expect $539 million of free taxpayer cash

Ebola: Solyndra is dead and politics is alive

2014 Midterm Election Alert: Dem billionaire Eco Super PAC waging war on GOP candidates associated with billionaires

Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer: Dems’ ‘Cash for Climate Change’

Another Taxpayer-funded ‘Green’ Gamble: Energy Department doles out $150 million to Cape Wind’s expensive, risky offshore wind project tied to high-profile Democrats

SolarCity: Subsidizing the Left’s ‘green’ millionaires and billionaires

Clean Energy; Dirty Money: Green Corruption in Review (UPDATED)

Whistleblowers Expose Rampant Corruption Inside Spanish Conglomerate Abengoa Subsidized with Billions in U.S. Green Energy Stimulus Funds

Abengoa Atrocities, the Sequel: California Mojave Solar Project is ‘dangerous,’ engineers assert

American Taxpayers, Workers and Vendors Screwed by Spanish Conglomerate Abengoa that Snagged Billions in US Green Energy Stimulus Funds

SPECIAL REPORT: Inside the Obama Administration’s Big Green Energy Deals With Abengoa: The cost, the connections and the collusion

Podesta Power and Center for American Progress: The dark, driving force behind the president’s massive green energy scheme

‘Cleantech Crash’: CBS Lesley Stahl ‘exhausted’ after listing nine Obama-backed green energy failures, try 32 and counting


Clean Energy, Dirty Money: Green corruption in review

Underneath Senator Harry Reid’s Clean-Energy Dirt: Career politician directly linked to over $3 billion in green energy stimulus loans

The RAT in the Recovery and the Gang of Ten

Virginia Governor Dem Candidate Terry McAuliffe’s GreenTech Auto: small eco-car, big green scam?

Top D.C. Lobbyist McBee Strategic Consulting “opened the spigot of green corporate welfare;” then billions of stimulus cash flooded the firm’s energy clients

Billions of Obama biofuel bucks funded “not so shovel-ready” risky projects, fueled by more green corruption

Subsidizing Obama’s Algae: Its advisors and allies

Nuclear Disaster: $10.33 billion in energy loans pressured by the White House and POTUS approved, now at risk

Nuclear Crimes and Misdemeanors

The Green Corruption Files Snags Special Gig on AACONS’ Radio Broadcast

Transparency Alert: Obama political appointees across many agencies using ‘secret’ email accounts to conduct govt business; DOE included

Smart Gird, Dirty Devices: With “friends” in the White House, Silver Spring Networks linked to at least $1.3 billion in smart-grid stimulus grants

Americans Bothered By the Way our Government Spends Taxes: Billions Burned on Obama’s Green Energy

Failing Fisker Auto Finally Faces House Oversight Hearing: Chairman Jordan Exposes Another DOE Junk Loan, Declares, “Fisker should have never received taxpayer money”

Newly Bankrupt Chinese Solar Producer Suntech, Stimulus Tax Credit Winner and Contractor to Energy Department’s $337 million Junk Loan: a Tiny Fraction of Obama’s “Green Outsourcing”

SoloPower: Another Department of Energy “Junk Loan” Teetering with Over $250 Million of Taxpayer Money

Left-wing Billionaire George Soros: Obama’s “Agent of Green”

Wall Street Walks all over the Obama White House

Citigroup’s Massive ‘Green’ Money Machine

Obama’s Jobs Council Closed: Mega-Rich Member Penny Pritzker “Rumored” for Commerce Job, “Related” to Two Large Green Corruption Stories

Big Wind Energy Subsidies: A Hurricane of Carnage, Cronyism and Corruption

Climate Hawk Senator John Kerry and His Green Inside Deals

Green Bank of Obama: John Doerr and Al Gore of Kleiner Perkins score billions in ‘green funds’


The Green Five: Spreading the Wealth to Obama’s Ultra-Rich Jobs Council Members — Part One, 10/31/12 DOE Emails Prove White House Pressure on $1.3 Billion Loan to General Electric Wind Project

DEVELOPING: Department of Energy Facing “Corruption” Lawsuit, Shocking DOE Emails, and the $8.4 Billion ATVM Program’s “Favored Five”

Busting Open Obama Energy Department’s Den of Deception

BREAKING: Newly Released House Oversight Emails Incriminate White House in Green-Energy Loan Lies

Green Alert: Tracking President Obama’s green energy failures

Where are the 5 Million Green Jobs Candidate Obama Promised?

Special Report Part Two: Obama, the Green Loser; Cronyism Inc.

Special Report Part One: Obama, the Green Loser; Cronyism Inc.

Obama’s Green Cronies Made DNC Cameo: Bundlers and Big Donors Tied to Billions of Stimulus Funds

NextEra Energy: Third Largest Power Company in the World is the Third Largest Recipient of DOE Risky Loans; CEO Sits on President Obama’s Jobs Council

Beacon Bust Tied to Obama Bundler and VP Hunter, the Infamous Washington Fixture, James A. Johnson

How Democrats Say “Crony Corruption” in Spanish: Abengoa UPDATED VERSION

Recent Oversight Hearing Reveals Shady Email Practices by Former DOE Loan Advisor Jonathan Silver; Abound Solar Blames China for its Demise

The First Solar Three Billion Dollar Swindle

Senator Harry Reid’s Part in Green-Energy Crony-Corruption, Part Three of The Special Seven

General Electric Making “Bank” off Obama’s “Green” Stimulus Money; Over $3 Billion and Counting

Shining the Light on BrightSource Energy’s $1.6 Billion Shady DOE Deal: Special Seven, Part Two

Obama’s Green-Energy, Crony-Corruption Story – Special Seven, Part 1 Expanded Version

Obama-Tied Troubled First Solar $3 Billion DOE Loans Produce Majority of Jobs Oversees, CEO Sold His Own Stock –– Plus More “Clean-Energy Dirt” Exposed

Lou Dobbs “Shocks” Bill O’Reilly on the Severity of Obama DOE Crony Capitalism

BREAKING: NRG Energy on the DOE Cronyism Hot Seat, Also Tied to George Soros

BREAKING: BrightSource Energy Political Influence and Their $1.6 Billion DOE Loan

Green Corruption: Department of Energy “Junk Loans” and Cronyism –– Intro

Green Corruption: The Plot Thickens

Obama’s Political Payback: Green Corruption, Part Two

Obama’s Political Payback: Green Corruption, Part One