The Micro Fusion boiler – Nuclear power in the home only a few years away

logic4training Apr, 01 – 2015

At Logic4training we like to keep abreast of new developments in the world of heating and this exciting new development could be a real game changer.

Scientists in China have spent the last 10 years secretly working on a brand new type of domestic boiler, one that could potentially last generations.

It’s being called the ultimate in renewable energy, The micro fusion generator is basically a miniature nuclear power plant the size of a shoebox which is then fitted inside a standard size, re-enforced, lead boiler housing.

“The mini reactor will sit in a thick lead container and can be wall mounted, much like a regular boiler found in the home. It packs as much energy as a 1 megaton nuclear bomb but is completely, 100% safe” exclaimed inventor, Doctor Xi Wang.

When pressed on the safety of the boiler Dr Wang made assurances that nuclear power in the home was not only safer than gas but that it would prove much cheaper in the long run.

The Chinese claim that they can make the tech affordable within two years, a bold claim as currently they have only managed to build one boiler at a cost of 3.5 trillion dollars.

British Boiler manufacturers have already expressed an interest in developing their own micro fusion boilers for the UK market.

Mark Morris – A spokesman for the UK boiler manufacturers association stated,

“We believe the technology could be made efficiently and pass any EU regulations, we just have to make sure that we don’t spark an international crisis when we acquire the radioactive material the new boilers need”

He added, “Of course to install and maintain such a thing will require a degree in nuclear physics and an in depth understanding of the laws of thermodynamics”

Logic4training are already on the case with our new “Nuclear and Thermodynamic science for domestic fusion installers” course set to launch in January 2016.