Tom Tamarkin and Texcon

In 1980 Tom Tamarkin formed Texcon Corporation in Phoenix Arizona along with Charles Thomas and Donald Stapley of Mesa Az. In 1981 Texcon acquired the outside interests of Mr. Thomas and Stapely. Tom Tamarkin conceived of the Allegro Mentor music teaching system as developed by Texcon under Tamarkin’s leadership as President & CEO. A video compilation from television news stories aired by the local KOOL, Channel 10 CBS, and KTAR Channel 12 NBC affinities (in 1984) is provided along with a professionally produced video presentation which was used to accompany the firm’s business plan in a second round equity raise.

Business Plan (PDF)

Allegro Mentor Piano Program

The Allegro Mentor Texcon Corporation references Texcon’s founder and President as Thomas Thorpe. In 1986 Tom & Emily Thorpe legally changed their last name from Thorpe to Tamarkin as described in this article first appearing in the Sacramento Jewish Voice newspaper.