US city approves $4.3m budget for AMI rollout 4 NOVEMBER 2016

Officials in the US city of Piqua in Ohio approved the implementation of an automated metering infrastructure (AMI) project by the city’s water and electric departments.

The city of Piqua partnered with Aclara Technologies to deploy a $4.3 million AMI project.

Under the project, Aclara Technologies will supply and install smart water and electric meters to help the city’s water and electric departments improve their operations.

Aclara Technologies will also provide a platform for communication between smart meters and the utility departments.

The AMI project will begin with the deployment of a pilot including installation of the smart water and electric meters in the city’s Southview town.

Under the pilot, the city will install 2,247 smart water meters purchased from Mueller Systems and install an automated meter reading software developed by Aclara Technologies.

Some 242 smart water meters to be deployed for commercial businesses under the pilot will be purchased from smart water solutions distributor, Evertt J Prescott.

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by August 2017.

The AMI project will commence with the installation of smart electric and water meters throughout the city for 18 months, once the Southview pilot is completed.

The project will help the city ensure its water and electric departments optimise their revenue collection through accurate billing and elimination of meter tampering.

The smart meters will help reduce water leakages and improve the city’s water and electric efficiency by providing consumers with real-time data on how they use water and electricity. [UAE surpasses US and Europe in electricity and water efficiency]

Aclara in AMI project deployment

Aclara Technologies will partner with Power System Engineering for management and deployment of the project.

In early June, the smart infrastructure solutions firm was selected by water utility Missouri American Water for the rollout of an AMI project.

Under the contract, the solutions company will provide the water utility with a network to allow meter data acquisition and processing.

Aclara claims its technology Synergize STAR will help the Missouri American Water to improve its services to some 340,000 customers in St. Louis County in the US state of Missouri. In total, the utility serves 1.5 million consumers in the US and Canada.

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