US firm unveils new online store for water tech 22 JUNE 2016

This week, water management solutions firm Fathom has launched an online platform to accelerate the adoption of smart water technologies in the US.

The online marketplace Fathom Store is designed to simplify the engagement between water utilities and solutions providers toward fast and risk-free adoption of new technologies.

The store will allow water utilities to list their technology requirements whilst solutions providers market their innovations. [US city plans to deploy smart water meters].

Commenting on the launch of the new online store, Trevor Hill, CEO of FATHOM, said: “The adoption of the technology that we as water utilities need is often hindered by complex integrations, difficultly in articulating the value propositions or the perceived risk and costs associated with trying new technologies.”

Cindy Wallis, president of global water management at Black & Veatch added: The water sector is looking for the tools and technology to do more with less. Through a marketplace for the seamless acquisition and integration of big data and the Internet of Things into utility systems, we can deploy these technologies faster and at lower cost.

“The FATHOM Store is a necessary part of bridging the gap between utilities and technology providers.”

Smart water solutions in the US

The launch of the online marketplace for both the US water utilities and solutions firms joins multiple efforts by stakeholders in the water industry to improve the management of water, and enhance utilities’ revenue collection and operations.

In early April, global IT company Trimble also launched a new smart water mapping and work management technology to help utilities manage their assets.

The company said its new solution ‘Trimble Unity 3.0′ is a cloud-based GIS centric Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for smart water management. The US based company claims that utilities will optimise their operations through improved distribution network assets’ monitoring achieved through the firm’s GNSS mapping technology integrated in the solution.

The solution is said to allow utilities to monitor real time operations, deploy smart meters, as well as quickly attend to leaks to reduce non-revenue water.

In addition, the solution contains an App Builder which customers can use to integrate their own apps with Unity 3.0 to improve existing workflows and data collection processes.

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