US utility coop selects VAR optimisation for 54,000 members February 22, 2018

US utility Choptank Electric Cooperative is implementing a Volt/VAR optimisation technology developed by DVI, a subsidiary of energy provider Dominion Energy.

The Volt/VAR optimisation technology will be deployed for all 54,000 members of the utility cooperative located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

The project is being implemented in partnership with NRTC, DVI’s value-added reseller for cooperatives.

The solution will help the cooperative to reduce energy distribution losses, keep consumer bills lows and reduce supply costs.

Mike Wheatley, CEO at Choptank Electric Cooperative, said: “As an electric cooperative we are always looking for ways to operate our system more efficiently and keep our rates low.

“Voltage optimisation was an obvious next step in our grid modernisation efforts after having made the investment in AMI. Using DVI’s proven EDGE VVO solution will allow us to reduce our system peak and improve operating expenses through lower demand charges.”

Tim Bryan, CEO at NRTC, added: “NRTC’s members demand solutions that have a strong return on investment that can bring value immediately to the cooperative and its members.

“More and more utilities and co-ops, such as Choptank, are looking at VVO as a “no regret” investment decision to aid in managing capacity and overall energy efficiency.

“DVI is grateful to both Choptank and NRTC for identifying the opportunity allowing us to serve its members.”