Vortex Method of Localization of Thermonuclear Plasma

Journal of Power and Energy Engineering
Vol.05 No.12(2017), Article ID:81037,8 pages

By Eugeniy Pavlovich Smirnov
Independent Researcher, Moscow, Russia

Received: October 19, 2017; Accepted: December 11, 2017; Published: December 14, 2017


An important task of world energy is to solve the problem of controlled thermonuclear fusion and the information presented in the article can be used in power engineering to create a controlled thermonuclear reactor. The method now used magnetic localization of plasma does not allow sustaining stable thermonuclear plasma in a closed chamber, and so another solution to the problem is necessary. In this paper, we propose an alternative dynamic approach of the stationary localization of plasma through centrifugal force. Localization of plasma as plasma whirlwind allows us to control the process of stable thermonuclear fusion.

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