York Plasma Institute Postgraduate Opportunities Event

University of York, Dept. of Physics, UK

University of York, Tuesday 18 June 2015

If you are thinking of a PhD or MSc degree, have you thought about fusion energy research? Fusion is the process that powers the stars and, in particular, our own star, the Sun. If we can achieve fusion here on earth, then the world’s energy problem will be solved. It is not easy though: the fuel has to be contained at ten times the temperature at the centre of the Sun! At this temperature the fuel takes the form of an ionised gas, called a plasma. Understanding how to hold this plasma in these extreme conditions, without damaging the components of the reactor is what fusion research is all about. The research opportunities are very diverse, from understanding the physics of plasma eruptions (like mini solar flares) and turbulence to engineering new materials that can withstand hostile environments, the technologies of the magnet and laser based systems used in fusion research, and designing control systems and algorithms to manage the complex systems associated with a fusion reactor.

The York Plasma Institute brings together plasma scientists from three fields to exploit synergies:

1. Laser-plasma interaction physics research explores inertial confinement fusion energy; simulates the conditions in astrophysical plasmas and provides measurements of plasma opacity required for modelling transport processes in the Sun.

2. Magnetic confinement fusion energy research addresses important plasma physics questions for the national fusion programme at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy and ITER.

3. Low temperature plasma research develops technological and medical applications of plasmas. Our interest is in conventional, low pressure plasma systems, and the relatively recent discovery of atmospheric pressure plasmas.

At this event, you’ll have the chance to discover what’s on offer at the York Plasma Institute; to tour our facilities which include the main YPI research building, postgraduate and MSc teaching facilities, video-conference meeting rooms, our Remote Tokamak Control Room and the YPI Laboratories.

The event will be of particular interest to:

  • Undergraduate students in their final year, or recent graduates seeking information on the MSc in Fusion Energy programme starting in October 2015
  • Undergraduate students entering their final year in autumn 2015 wanting information on future PhD opportunities.

Lunch is provided, and there will be talks by Professor Howard Wilson, Director of YPI, Professor Kieran Gibson and Professor Greg Tallents.

Please contact us to register your interest in attending this event.

If you have any queries please email jo.coulthard@york.ac.uk or call 01904 322258. We are always happy to hear from interested students.