Think Different: Worldwide Prosperity Through Abundant Energy

Presentation prepared for

Mr. Tim Cook, CEO
Apple Inc.

USCL corporation (parent entity)
Energy Cite
Sacramento, California

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At the current rate of communication & learning, within the next 20 years, mankind will have virtually unlimited powers.

What Role Will Apple Play?

An extraordinary confluence of science & technologies is happening NOW

Super Computers ► Unlimited Bandwidth ► Nano-technology ► Bio-technology ► Robotics & more ►
These technologies are already changing the world.
Together they will give mankind extraordinary powers

The missing element is:

Inexpensive, virtually unlimited energy
Apple can play a vital role
in solving the long-term need for unlimited energy

The “Apple Effect”
(Instant worldwide communications & the ability to think different)

must be applied to energy awareness, understanding & direction

Why and How

Who is USCL?
USCL background

Who What When Where & How

Energy Cite

USCL Patented Technology

US Granted Patents:

7,379,791 May 27, 2008
8,306,668 November 6, 2012
8,639,390 January 28, 2014

Patents also granted in China, EU and Israel

More Patent Information


Energy Cite

Since energy is the crucial link to solve the world’s most difficult problems, USCL has focused first on the Smart Meter & Grid consumer interface, because it is the fastest and least expensive way to reduce energy consumption and decrease security risk.

Patents cover

  • Utility billing system + smart meter + home & mobile energy display/control devices/apps
  • In-home presentation of electricity consumption, cost and bill
  • Interconnection of smart appliances
  • Interconnection of smart thermostat
  • EV charging station
  • Future home automation devices (Internet of Things)
  • Subscriber side utility billing & “pay as you go.”

Apple is invited to become the Lead Partner in the

Smart Power Utility Consortium
Smart Meter – Smart Energy Home Product Development & IP Licensing
Fusion Energy – Science, Research & Development Program

Energy Cite

Making planet Earth a better place to live.

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Presented by:
Tomer (Tom) Tamarkin,
President, USCL Corp.
Phone: 916-482-2000 Ext. 142