Trump administration must decide whether to back the biggest nuclear fusion project ever

Science and Technology June 5, 2018 The House Science, Space and Technology Committee is known for its partisan bickering. Under Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.), Republicans opened probes into federally funded climate scientists that Democrats have derided as politically motivated witch hunts. But the panel showed a rare bit of bipartisanship during a hearing Tuesday with … Read more

Fusion is the safety belt for our demanding energy needs!

Eurofusion July 12th 2017 (left to right), András Siegler, Director European Commission, DG Research & Innovation; Francesco Romanelli, EFDA Leader and JET Leader; Niek Lopes Cardozo, Chairman of ‘The European Fusion Education Network Governing Board’; FuseNet, David Campbell, Director for Plasma Operations, ITER Organization. Picture: © Copyright protected by United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority András … Read more

EPA’s suspect science

By John Rafuse June 20, 2017 Its practices have defiled scientific integrity, but proposed corrections bring shock and defiance President Trump’s budget guidance sought to cut $1.6 billion from the Environmental Protection Agency’s $8.1 billion expectation. Shrieks of looming Armageddon prompted Congress to fund EPA in full until September 2017, when the battle will be … Read more

Aclara acquires Tollgrade’s smart grid business 16 AUGUST 2016 Smart infrastructure solutions provider Aclara has announced its acquisition of Tollgrade’s smart grid business. According to a release, the transaction includes Tollgrade’s LightHouse distribution monitoring platform comprising Sensors and Sensor Management System (SMS) software with predictive grid analytics, as well as a broad intellectual property portfolio. The release adds that the … Read more

Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Renewable Power – Briefing Fact Sheet Hillary Clinton announced two bold national goals that she will set as president to combat climate change, create jobs, protect the health of American families and communities, and make the United States the world’s clean energy superpower: 1) The United States will have more than half a billion solar panels installed across the country … Read more

Democrat Senator Markey: Must win climate ‘crusade’

Speaking at the White House, Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey says climate change is a “crusade which we have no alternative but to win.” SENATOR MARKEY: “This is a crusade which we have no alternative but to win…. Because the alternative is unacceptable. We’re either going to live together, or we’re going to die together. We’re … Read more

Revolutionary Fusion Device Big Step Toward Clean, Limitless Energy DECEMBER 13, 2015 GERMAN PHYSICISTS TOOK A GIANT STEP TOWARD A NEW TYPE OF CLEAN, LIMITLESS ENERGY THROUGH NUCLEAR FUSION BY SUCCESSFULLY STARTING UP A REVOLUTIONARY FUSION REACTOR CALLED THE WENDELSTEIN 7-X. The machine harnesses the process that’s fueled our Sun for the past 4.5 billion years, nuclear fusion, in a revolutionary new way. … Read more

Nuclear fusion show draws youthful crowds in Antwerp

Fanders Today Senne Starckx, Nov. 20, 2015 A science show that aims to pique students’ interest in nuclear fusion recently returned to the University of Antwerp for the fifth consecutive year Do you have a teenager who is bored with traditional physics, Newton’s laws and those same-old electronic circuits? Then nuclear fusion might be just … Read more